7 Creative Things to do with Your Child's Artwork ...


7 Creative Things to do with Your Child's Artwork ...
7 Creative Things to do with Your Child's Artwork ...

So, your refrigerator is already full with your child’s artwork? You don’t know what to do with the artwork that your child keep bringing in and giving you on a highly regular basis. So, what can you do with them? Here are 7 creative things to do with your child’s artwork.

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Make Placemats with Them

Get your child’s artwork laminated and make placemats with them. You child will love eating his or her food on a work of art created by tem. Also, they can be matter of pride for you and you can make placemats for every place on the table and show them off to your guests.


Hang Them on a Clothesline

Hook a clothesline in your child’s room that is high enough not to come in your child’s way. Then use clothespins to hold different artworks from them. This will create a unique room décor for your child. In my opinion, this is one of the most creative things to do with your child’s artwork.


Artwork for Gifts

These days it is possible to get your own photos printed on a large variety of gift items like coffee mugs, t-shirts, caps, etc. Use your child’s artwork instead of photographs. Give them away as presents to your family members and friends during the holiday season.


Use Them as Greeting Cards to Loved Ones

Instead of sending greeting cards and post cards for various occasions to your loved ones, use your child’s artwork. There is great joy in sharing things we love. Also, your loved ones who do not get to meet your children regularly will really appreciate a thoughtful gift like that.


Frame Them in Nice Frames

Buy playful and colorful frames that are not very expensive and frame your child’s artworks. Then you can use these frames to decorate your child’s room or eve other rooms of the house. These framed art works also make excellent gifts to grandparents.


Make a Wall Collage

Choose a wall in your child’s room and keep it absolutely bare except for his or her artwork. Do not paste the artwork in a straight and linear fashion. Instead, paste them slightly tilted, in different positions, so that it makes a very interesting collage. This is also one of the very creative things to do with your child’s artwork.


Make a Time Capsule

Put your child’s artwork in a envelope and write a date from sometime in the future on it. Then, put it away in storage. This is your child’s time capsule. He or she can open it only on or after the date written on it and not before that. When your child is older, he or she will have great fun while opening these envelopes.

These are just creative things to do with your child’s artwork to get you started. No doubt, you will enjoy every single one of them and if you apply your mind to it, you will surely come up with other interesting ideas as well.

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