7 Things to do when Your Kids Won't Nap ...


As mothers we likely all have had moments when we wish we had access to pediatric tranquilizer darts! A child who is cranky and still won't nap can drive a mother to the edge of insanity. Here are some things that you can try to get your child to nap.

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Wear them out with play. Weather permitting, take them outside and let them run off all the energy before nap time. If it's too cold or rainy out, let them try hop-scotch or jumping rope indoors... anything physical to get rid of some of that energy!


Have a Ritual

Establish a bedtime ritual; not just for bedtime at night but for nap times as well. If you have a ritual, they'll actually crave sticking to it...


Don't Call It "nap Time"

Some kids hear the word "nap" and focus all their energy on staying awake and active! Don’t call it a nap, call it quiet time instead. Teach your child that quiet time is a time to stay in their room quietly playing; encourage them by emphasizing that napping is not a necessity. The hope of course is that they will quietly fall asleep.


Sleep Requirements

Sleep requirements vary from child to child. Your child may simply not require much sleep so a nap may not be necessary for them...


Movie Time

Sometimes it takes more time and energy to get your child to nap than to simply provide an alternative. If your child refuses to nap, again, implement quiet time! Put in a movie they will quietly watch and enjoy which will give you time to reboot.



Whatever your routine, be consistent! There will be exceptional days when all routines collapse, but try to without to BE CONSISTENT! Routine is very important to establishing down time for kids.


Hang in There!

Know your limits. Recognize that every day is different and may present different circumstances for your child. Be flexible when you need to be. Throw out rigidity for being flexible within your limits.

You know your child better than anyone; you know what will or will not work for your family. Trial and error is a parental tool. Do the best job you can and love without measure even when your child refuses to nap. You will make it through. Did you nap as a child? How did your parents get you to nap?

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