7 Ways You Can Encourage Kids to Give ...


7 Ways You Can Encourage Kids to Give ...
7 Ways You Can Encourage Kids to Give ...

Learning to give is an important life lesson for a child to learn. It instills many important character traits including discipline, sharing, helping as well as empathy and sympathy. It also helps build up your kids’ self esteem and will help them develop as all round individuals. However, it is not an easy lesson to teach. Here are 7 ways you can encourage kids to give.

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Set a 10% Rule

Setting rules is not the best way to teach life lessons to kids, but it sure is one of the many ways. Encourage your kids to set aside 10% of their allowance to give to a charity or organization of their choice. Over time, your kids won’t miss the 10% since they will be set aside and they will feel good about having made the contribution.


Set an Example

This is the one of the best ways you can encourage kids to give. Let your children see you making a contribution regularly and this will encourage them to do the same.


Create Interesting Projects

Children love to be involved in interesting projects. Create a project that your child can participate in. Let your kids know that the proceeds of the project will be given to a charity of their choice. Get them to understand how big a difference they are making and they will feel proud to be involved in the project.


Talk to Them

This is another of the most effective ways you can encourage kids to give. Talk to them about different types of charities. Talk to them about people, animals and habitat that need our help. Appeal to their sense of justice and then discuss how they can themselves make a difference by giving to those who are less fortunate than them.


Involve Them

Take your children to see how money that has been given to charity is put to work. Show them the soup kitchen or orphanages or charitable animal organizations that do good work in your community. A child will feel more generous when he can see the actual difference the donated money is making.


Research Charities with Them

Show your kids documentaries and literature created by charities. These will help your kids understand exactly what a charity does and how it makes a difference. Then research the charities in your vicinity and ask your kids to choose their favorites.


It’s Not Just about Cash

Don’t stop at just donating cash. Get your children to give away unwanted clothes, toys and other things to those who don’t have them. Encourage them to create gifts for orphans and the needy during the holiday season. They will take more pleasure in this than just making a contribution.

These are just 7 ways you can encourage kids to give. There are many others ways to can reach this goal by understanding your kids and their temperament and what is likely to appeal to them.

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