7 Ways to Raise a Confident Kid ...


7 Ways to Raise a Confident Kid ...
7 Ways to Raise a Confident Kid ...

In order to raise well adjusted, confident kids capable of thinking and coping for themselves, parents need to find the balance between over and under-parenting. Children who do well in school generally have parents who support and guide as opposed to parents who compensate and over-protect their children when they face intellectual, physical or social challenges. Confidence kids are the result of parents who are wise enough to recognize when their children need help. These parents have total confidence in their kid’s ability to deal with situations on their own but stand by to help when needed. What are the best ways to encourage confidence in your children? Here are a few...

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Every child has special qualities that set them apart. Reflect his or her strengths back to them in the form of positive comments. Soon your child’s self-image will improve. For instance, little Jill is not good at spelling but is very good at math. Ask her to help you double a recipe; your positive remarks are sure to make her feel good about herself.



Children bloom with encouragement; encouragement inspires kids to believe in themselves and take chances. Every risk that results in a positive outcome serves to bolster self-confidence and pride.


Express Trust

Let your child know that you have faith in their abilities; let them know you have confidence in them. Instead of standing over your child micro-managing while they make pudding, let them know you will be available if they have questions but that you are sure they can do it by themselves.


Pay Attention

Pay attention when your kids want to show off their skills. Whatever they have to show you, take the time to let your child be the star. Be sure to be enthusiastic and after the performance be sure to provide plenty of praise.


Mistakes Happen

Teach your child that mistakes happen and that we should learn from them. Let them know that mistakes happen to everyone, mistakes are to be expected. Teaching your child to accept mistakes as a part of life helps to make mistakes less painful when they do occur.


Praise Your Child

Praise the child, not just the action. Don’t simply focus on what your child may have just accomplished but rather who your child became in the moment. For example, if your child just played a fantastic solo on the piano let them know how proud you are of their piano skills overall, not just how well the solo was played. Children thrive on feeling good about who they are becoming on the inside, not just who they were for a moment.


Be Confident Yourself!

Children learn by mimicking their role models. Show confidence in yourself and your children will follow your lead.

Teach your kids to be self-confident. Confidence gives children a good foundation from which a good life can grow. What is your favorite memory of a situation that instilled you with self-confidence?

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