9 Essential Ways to Be a Good Parent ...


9 Essential Ways to Be a Good Parent ...
9 Essential Ways to Be a Good Parent ...

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs we may ever volunteer ourselves. It can also be one of the most rewarding. As parents we may not always have the right answers but following these 9 essential ways to be a good parent should help.

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Love and Affection

Love and Affection Love goes along way. Showing our wee ones and even our not-so-wee teens how important they are with a little a little, “I love you” or reaffirming hug is a perfect step in how to be a good parent.



Listen Listening is another important step in how to be a good parent.If your child is anything like mine, she has way more to say than time in the day. Even though I can’t sit down and listen to everything that pops into that funny little head of her I do set aside time each day, distraction free to listen. She tells me about her friends, her Bieber Fever, great ideas, her dreams for a beach house, and any concerns she may have at the moment. She talks. I listen.


Set Boundaries

Set Boundaries When learning how to be a good parent you should expect to sometimes have to be the bad guy and say, “No.” Children need limitations and to know you expect certain behaviors from them. Providing curfews and bedtimes, setting chores, and expecting manners teaches children important things they will need as adults.


Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement Another part in how to be a good parent isn’t always about criticizing your children either. Kids need to hear when they are doing awesome, not just when they have messed up. Celebrate their little triumphs through out the day by saying, “Good job” or “That was really smart!”



Consistency Being consistent is tough! But when learning how to be a good parent this is an essential detail. If you want you little Johnny to have a 9 o'clock bedtime so you can have a little time with your husband before bed than set the rule and don’t budge. Chances are Johnny is going to push and try to manipulate you into staying up later. Hold strong and stay consistent. Once Johnny realizes you are solid as rock he will give up.


Stay Involved

Stay Involved Work, home, family, friends, and the dishes all take up our time. But staying involved with our child’s activities is another way how to be a good parent. Keep up with what is going on at in his classroom. Volunteer to help out at one of the Cub Scout meetings, bring snacks to soccer practice.


Natural Consequences

Natural Consequences Do you remember learning in science that every action has an opposite and equal reaction? It’s true! There are somethings our kids just aren’t going to listen to us about. You can offer your warns and advice, but as you attempt to learn how to be a good parent expect to sometimes step back and let natural consequences happen. Eventually little Sally is going to get to bossy with all one of her friends and they will stop coming over to play. Next time Sally makes a new friend she will know not to be so bossy from past experience.


Spend Quality Time

Spend Quality Time Besides taking time to listen part of learning how to be a good parent is taking the time out to make special memories. Enjoy a little break at the park or library. Read a special book together or check out a fun museum. Quality time doesn’t have to cost any money. It’s more about taking the time to connect with your child.


Be a Role Model

Be a Role Model Children need awesome people to admire. Set the example for your children by living a healthy life style, making smart choices, following the rules you expect them to follow, and being a positive influence.

Parenting is tough, but hopefully these 9 essential ways to be a good parent will help you figure it out. Let me know some ways you try to be the best parent you can be to your child. What other good-parenting tips can you share?

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