7 Tips for Moving with Kids ...


7 Tips for Moving with Kids ...
7 Tips for Moving with Kids ...

Moving as an adult is difficult enough, but throwing kids into the loop is a whole new ball game. Depending on the age of your kids, you might find most of the following tips useful. Here are 7 tips for moving with kids that should make the trip easier on everyone involved. See what you think and feel free to live your own tips in the comment section.

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Let Them Pack Their Own Stuff

This is a great way to make kids feel part of the move, as well as eliminating some work for you. Kids of a range of ages can help pack, books into small boxes, gather clothes for a garment box or garbage bag, or fill a tote with toys. You could go through the room and pack any breakable items first, so you won't have to worry about anything accidentally getting broken.


Give Kids Jobs to do

Even the smallest job can seem fascinating to a kid. Make your child in charge of the check list and allow him to mark off the items already packed or jobs which have been completed. Have him make rounds to each room to see if anything still needs to be placed in a box or put into the moving van. If you have a kid who likes to clean, put him in charge of locating and eliminating smudges on windows, mirrors, or the door of the refrigerator or oven.


Have a Travel Bag Ready for the Car

Fill a bag with games, music, toys, and movies should you have the luxury of owning a portable DVD player. Place the bag in the car or make your child in charge of remembering to take it along. If you are moving to a place that will take a long time to get to, you'll be glad you have this bag full of goodies with you.


Take along Plenty of Snacks

Snacks mean the world to most kids. I can't think of any age of child who isn't thrilled when the word 'snack' is mentioned. Non-perishable snacks can be put into a container where everyone can reach them. Individually wrapped items are easiest to travel with; peanut butter and crackers, granola bars, small boxes of dried fruit, or a favorite cereal.


Show Them the Route You'll Be Taking

Kids like being included in things. Drag out the atlas and a highlighter to show your child exactly where you are going. If you aren't moving to a place very far away, then draw a map for your child to keep. Let him know where you are each point along the way.


Briefly Explain What is Going to Take Place

Some children become overly concerned when the idea of changing locations is mentioned. If you child is sensitive to the fact that the contents of the house are being boxed up and carted away, be sure to explain what the move entails before it ever takes place. Kids need to be reassured their possessions aren't going to be taken away by the moving van and never seen again.


Make Moving Fun

Let your child decorate the cardboard boxes as you pack and tape them up. Supply colored stickers for your child to apply to certain boxes, such as blue circles mean the box belongs in the kitchen, while boxes with yellow circles are for the bathroom. Play music while you pack or sing songs together. Do what you can to make the move enjoyable and less stressful. Take a break and have a picnic on the empty living room floor if you both need to relax a little.

I hope these tips help you to find ways to make moving easier. Out of these 7 tips for moving with kids, which one do you think is most useful to your situation?

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