7 Ways to Reduce the Worry of Elderly Parents ...


One of the things about ageing is that your parents age too and with that comes all sorts of considerations. I think most of us would freely admit that even if you love your mum and dad with every fiber of your being you don’t want them living with you and you don’t want them going into residential care until it becomes the only alternative. My mother had a hip operation last year and even though she’s only 65 I worry about her. I’m lucky in that she has a brilliant next door neighbour as her best friend and that keeps some stress away but there are also other ways of reducing some of the worry.

1. Ring Ring

Even if they don’t want it, make them have a cell phone. Just a cheap one with basic functions that isn’t complicated. Make sure it’s easy for you to demonstrate how to use it – my mum was a scientist nearly all her working life but she still struggles with the remote! The other battle is getting them to remember to take it with them wherever they go. Making sure the phone is working and is in credit should be on your list of things to check each visit.

Forewarned is Forearmed
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