7 Coolest Baby Milestones ...


7 Coolest Baby Milestones ...
7 Coolest Baby Milestones ...

As any mother will tell you, baby milestones are events of great anticipation and something that all parents look forward to. While there are many milestones in a baby’s development, here are the coolest baby milestones. If you have become a parent for the first time, these are milestones that will fill you up with joy and pride.

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First Baby Smile

This is undoubtedly one of the coolest baby milestones. Your heart will be forever captured by that sweet, innocent, toothless smile. You will do anything to get your baby to give you just one more smile.


First Grab

Babies learn to grab fairly early, but it is still one cool milestone. Seeing your baby grab and clutch at various things that catches his or her attention is indeed a very endearing sight. Seeing fluffy toys, blankets, clothes with tiny fingers wrapped around them can make anyone’s heart melt. Of course, you will need to be careful as the baby is likely to suddenly lean forward while you are holding it to grab at something it likes.


First Baby Word

This is another event that all parents look forward to with great anticipation. There is great suspense over what the child’s first word would be. Typically, it is likely to be mama or dada, but there can be some extremely funny first words too.


First Baby Tooth

Although it is a painful process for the baby as well as the mother, it is a great milestone to look forward to. The baby will be in pain and is likely to be cranky, but the memory of that one tooth will last you a lifetime, not to mention the wonders it will do to your child’s smile.


First Baby Crawl

This is certainly one of the great baby milestones to look forward to. For the first time, your baby will be able to move on its own. A baby on all fours exploring its surroundings is a great pleasure to watch.


First Baby Steps

For most parents, this is one of the coolest baby milestones ever. The sight of your baby taking its first tentative step on its own is not something any parent will ever forget. Not only is this one of the first important signs of a baby’s independence, it is also a start to making great discoveries.


First Birthday Party

This is one of the most obvious baby milestones that all parents look forward to. It is indeed an occasion that calls for a grand celebration. No doubt, your baby is too young to actually enjoy the party of understand what is going on, but it hardly stops parents from throwing a grand party.

So, these are the coolest baby milestones in my opinion. Most parents try to capture these magic moments on cameras or film, but it is not always possible to predict when they will occur and be prepared for them, except for the birthday party of course.

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