7 Ways Having Twins Will Change Your Life ...


Finding out that you're having twins invariably comes as a huge surprise - and a shock. It's quite the challenge to have two babies of the same age! Parenthood makes major changes to your life anyway, but being the parents of twins is an even bigger change. Here are some of the ways in which having twins will change your life …

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Perhaps having twins won't come as quite such a shock if you already have a child. But if you thought this was going to be your first child, going from having no kids to having two in one go is bound to be an even greater shock! And if you're lucky enough to conceive triplets …



When you have a baby or young child, even going to the shops becomes a major expedition. You've got to get a possibly reluctant toddler dressed for outdoors, find their favorite toy, get them fed and changed, find your keys and get yourself ready. So when you've got to get two of them ready (and yourself), the process is even more challenging …



Once you've got out of the house, your quick trip to the shops will take hours. Twins are a magnet for curious passers-by who love to coo at babies. You'll probably be quizzed on why you don't dress them alike, given tons of unsolicited advice on how to raise children, and asked nosy questions about how big your bump grew.


Everything Takes Time

With babies, you can't do anything in a hurry - it takes ages. So imagine how much longer it's going to take with two! Feeding twins is another challenge - which one do you feed first? Can you manage to breast-feed both at the same time?


Be Organised

As a parent of twins, you have to be super-organised. You've got to try to get them into a routine for feeding and sleeping, or you'll spend all day just trying to get them fed and down for naps. You'll also need to be really organised when you go anywhere. Gone are the days when you could just throw on your coat and go!


Early Days Are the Hardest

You'll find that the early days of being a mom of twins are the hardest to get through. It'll be exhausting! But once you settle into a routine it should become easier, relatively speaking. Eventually you'll be an expert at juggling two small children (not literally). And as they get older they'll entertain each other more, so you'll have a little more time to yourself.



Siblings of different ages usually squabble, but most twins develop a strong bond and remain close throughout their lives. This is lovely to watch, and being their mom or dad will give you an extra-special enjoyment. Plus you get to increase your family faster - this could be an advantage!

Raising twins is undoubtedly a challenge, but it's also immensely rewarding. So if you find out you're expecting twins, don't panic. There is loads of advice out there on coping with twins, and there's bound to be a support group for parents of multiples in your area. If you're a twin or a parent of twins, what do you love most about twins?

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Isn't organised spelt organized?

My best friends are twins and they have their own personality, but at times it's as if I'm talking to the same person.

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