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7 Kinds of Fellow Mom Friends You Desperately Need when You Become a Mom ...

By Alicia

There are certain kinds of mom friends you need in your life. Mom friends are just invaluable and get you in a way that your friends that don’t have children yet cannot. Sometimes you get lucky and you get several of these mom friends all in one person, which is like hitting the jackpot. If you have these mom friends you need, your life will be so much richer for it.

1 The Veteran Mom Friend

The veteran mom is one of the mom friends you need. She is the mom who knows everything about kids. She is an expert when it comes to children and can help you figure out what is going on when your kid is acting weird. She has the greatest ideas on what to do when your children totally have you stumped because she has been through it. She is one you want to have on speed dial.

2 The Help You out Mom Friend

Everyone needs a mom friend that is always ready to help you out. Motherhood is tough. You need friends who have your back. The help you out mom friend is always ready to babysit when you need a sitter, will pick your kids up when your car won’t start or do anything else you need. Be sure to appreciate this mom friend and repay her anytime that you can for her kindness.

3 The Trendy Mom Friend

You have to love the trendy mom friend. This mom friend is the one who always looks like she stepped out of a fashion magazine. She can keep you looking good and won’t let you lose touch with the old you. She won’t let you get so wrapped up in being a mom that you feel like you can’t remember how to zip jeans because you have worn yoga pants for so long. You have to love this friend for her valuable input into your life.

4 The Medical Guru Mom Friend

The medical guru mom friend seems to have a knack for knowing all about childhood illnesses and injuries. She may have a background in the medical field or just be incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to things of this nature. This is the mom friend you want to call when your kid gets some unusual symptoms. She is a great friend to call when you are out of ideas on how to soothe your baby’s earache until the pediatrician’s office opens. The mom friend who is a medical guru is sometimes also a veteran mom.

5 The Social Mom Friend

A social mom friend is one that will not let you get lost in stacks of diapers and mountains of laundry. She is social and wants you to be social, too. Sometimes we all need a friend who insists we put our work aside and go have some fun. Social mom friend is always up for a play date with the kids or meeting for lunch without them. She is a lot of fun and a great addition to your life.

6 The Realistic Mom Friend

The realistic mom friend does not judge you as a mom. She is the one who you know will not judge you when you feed your kids chips and dip for dinner. She totally gets how your teenager drives you to the brink of insanity. She understands that you love your kids but you really, really need a night out. You can just be real with her about your struggles without fear of judgment.

7 The Positive Mom Friend

The positive mom friend is the one you turn to for encouragement. She will be there to reassure you that your child will outgrow that crazy stage they are in. She will encourage you that tomorrow is another day when you just don’t think you can deal with one more toddler tantrum. She believes in you and your parenting. She is one that will always be ready with a pep talk and wants to help you feel better when you are down.

These are 7 mom friends that are really important to have in your life. Do you have any of these mom friends? How have they made your life as mom better?

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