7 Kinds of Fellow Mom Friends You Desperately Need when You Become a Mom ...


There are certain kinds of mom friends you need in your life. Mom friends are just invaluable and get you in a way that your friends that don’t have children yet cannot. Sometimes you get lucky and you get several of these mom friends all in one person, which is like hitting the jackpot. If you have these mom friends you need, your life will be so much richer for it.

1. The Veteran Mom Friend

The veteran mom is one of the mom friends you need. She is the mom who knows everything about kids. She is an expert when it comes to children and can help you figure out what is going on when your kid is acting weird. She has the greatest ideas on what to do when your children totally have you stumped because she has been through it. She is one you want to have on speed dial.

The Help You out Mom Friend