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Going through pregnancy alone can be very difficult, but there are things you can do to make this time in your life easier. You have to reach out a little bit but the return can be huge. This is a list of 7 ways to find support when you are going through pregnancy alone that can help you.

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Involve a Close Family Member

Involving a close family member is a wonderful choice when going through pregnancy alone. There are some women for whom this isn’t a choice and thankfully, there are other options for them. But if you are particularly close to your mom, your sister or even an aunt or a cousin, take that relationship to the next level. More than likely, your family member will feel honored to get to be a part of your pregnancy. It can make your relationship even closer.


Let Your Friends Be There for You

Some of us are blessed with a really close group of friends. If you are among those who are, count yourself lucky. Do you have a friend that would want to be there for you during your pregnancy? If they offer to be that person, take them up on it! Let them accompany you to doctor appointments, shopping for baby furniture and all of the other special moments you want to share with someone.


Join a Support Group

There is a lot to be said for support groups. You can find one that meets in person or online. Having a group of women going through the same thing you are at the same time you are can feel very helpful. It helps you to feel less alone. You can offer each other support and advice during this time in your lives.


Make Some Single Mom Friends

If you don’t have some single mom friends, you need some. Keep your eyes open for them. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. If you work with a single mom or attend an exercise class with one, ask them if they would be interested in getting a cup of coffee after work or class. Tell them the truth: that you need some single mom friends. Many people are just waiting for new friendships to happen for them so this could be beneficial both ways.


Decide on a Delivery Room Partner

If you don’t have a father involved, you need to decide on a delivery room partner. If you feel more comfortable going it alone, that is okay, too. But if you want someone there with you, don’t hesitate to ask. Maybe it is someone who hasn’t been involved daily in your pregnancy but you would still like to have that person there with you. Whatever will make you the most comfortable is what you are going for.


Find a Doula

If you don’t have a delivery room partner, there is the option of a doula. A doula is a professional that assists a mother in her birth. Her job is to be supportive, encouraging and helpful to her. Studies show that having a doula can help your childbirth experience to be quicker and have less complications, which is very beneficial. Ask your doctor whom they recommend.


Share with Your Doctor if You Are Struggling

If you are truly struggling with sadness and cannot seem to cope with going through pregnancy alone, talk to your doctor. They can offer you support and more suggestions than I have listed here. More than that, they need to know if you are struggling with depression or anxiety. They have the ability to know what is best for you from a medical standpoint to help you handle this part of your life. They need to be aware of what is going on with you.

Going through a pregnancy alone is difficult but you can do it. I have a lot of understanding in how difficult this is and my heart goes out to each of you facing this. What steps have you taken to find support for yourself?

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