7 Tips for when You Miss Your Baby after Returning to Work ...


Returning to work can be very difficult after you have your baby. You have this precious new little person in your life and you are very attached to them. Additionally, you have gotten into the routine of being with them all the time while you were on maternity leave. This can make returning to work difficult but these tips can help.

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Ease Back into Work if Possible

If you can, ease back into work. Maybe you can go back just a couple days a week for a few weeks. Another option is to start leaving your baby for short periods of time before you return to work, maybe while you are doing errands or something. If nothing else, try to return to work in the middle of the week so the week won’t seem so long and you can ease into it. These things can make returning to work easier.


Call and See How Things Are Going

If you are struggling with getting through your day because you are worried how your baby is doing, call and check on them. There is nothing wrong with calling to see how things are going. You are the mother. In fact, if you need to do this daily for a while, go for it. It can give you the peace of mind you need to go on with your day.


Remind Yourself They Are in Good Hands

Remind yourself that your baby is in good hands. Whatever choice you made for your childcare was not made lightly. No doubt you made the decision carefully. So relax and remind yourself of that when you need to. You know that your baby is receiving wonderful care while you are away.


Keep Photos Close by

One of the fun parts about returning to work is showing off all of those new baby photos. It is fun to show others those adorable pictures. It can also make you feel closer to your little one. Be sure to put some framed pictures in your office or wherever you can so you can see your sweet little one often. This can be helpful when you miss them.


Remember That You Will See Them Soon

Remember that you will see your little one soon. Count your hours down if necessary. Remind yourself it won’t be long until you have them back with you again. Even if you work full time, you are with your child more than you are away from them. Spend your time looking forward to when your work day ends.


Go for a Visit Midday if Possible

If it is possible, go for a midday visit with your baby. A lot of times this won’t work. But if your child is close to you and you have a long enough lunch, have a small visit. Getting a few snuggles in can make the rest of your day go by much quicker. It can also help you to feel less anxious.


Know That You Will Adjust

Missing your baby after returning to work is normal. It is nothing to worry over. Know that you will adjust to being a working mom. After a while, it will all become routine to you. You may even find that you enjoy the balance work gives you in relation to motherhood.

Returning to work after a baby can be difficult but these tips can help. What was the hardest part of returning to work for you? What helped you through that?

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