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There are advantages to having babies in your 20s just as there are when you are in your 30s and perhaps beyond. I think it is safe to say there is no perfect time to have a baby but there are advantages to each. The 20s have a lot to offer as far as having children go. Let’s talk about some of the advantages of having babies in your 20s.

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Less Risk of Complications

One of the benefits of having babies in your 20s is that you have less risk of complications than you do when you get in your upper 30s and beyond. Your body is in a great place for having a child. You have a lot in your favor as far as a healthy pregnancy goes. This is not to say that you cannot have complications but the risk is lower. A healthy pregnancy is the goal of any mother and being in your 20s and the first part of your 30s ups that chance for you.


You Typically Have More Energy

The fact is that as we age, we usually have less energy. Having your children in your 20s helps you to avoid having to overcome that issue as you parent. You probably have more energy to do things with your children than you would if you were older. You may have more energy to run and play with them or be involved with coaching their athletics and things like that than if you were older. The point is that you need to use whatever age you are in to its best advantage when you have your children.


You Have More Years with Your Children

Having your children in your 20s can mean that you have more years with your children. Of course, no one knows their future. But this is typically true. All of us want as much time as possible with our children. The important thing is that we learn to cherish each day with our children, though.


Your Childhood and Teenage Years Are Not so Hard to Remember

When you have your children in your 20s, it can be easier to remember what being what a child and a teenager was really like, as opposed to if you have your children at an older age. It can be a little bit easier to relate to them when you have fresh memories of that time in your life. I have always felt thankful that I was in my 20s when I was having my children. It has been a lot easier for me to remember those stages of childhood and adolescence than if I had been older when I had my children. Although these stages can still be challenging, being able to identify with them helps.


Having children in your 20s also allows for more physical energy and flexibility to keep up with them. It can also provide more opportunities for grandparents to be involved in their grandchildren's lives, as they are usually still active and healthy in their 50s and 60s. Additionally, having children in your 20s can give you more time to focus on your career and personal goals later on in life. It also allows for a closer age gap between siblings, which can lead to stronger sibling relationships. Overall, having children in your 20s can provide numerous advantages and create a unique bond between parents and their children.


You Can Grow up Together

When you are in your 20s, you are still young and finding yourself, at least to a degree. It is safe to say you are really growing up together. This is a sweet way to make memories together. You will remember your children’s childhood as a time you were both growing and changing. You are generally more confident in yourself in your 30s and beyond which is also an advantage but growing together can be fun.


You Are Mature Enough to Handle Motherhood

Another good thing about having your children in your 20s is that you are usually ready to handle motherhood. Having a baby in your teens is very difficult. There are many wonderful teenage mothers but they usually have a struggle trying to balance their high school education and social events with parenting. Having a baby in your 20s means you are past those times. You are hopefully in a more settled place in your life.


Your Body is Ready for Pregnancy and Childbirth

When you have your children in your 20s, your body is ready for pregnancy and childbirth. It can be hard on your body if you have children before you hit your 20s. Most doctors will agree that your 20s and the first part of your 30s are the best time in your life for pregnancy and childbearing. Of course, you want to wait until you are ready in all facets of your life before you take this step. A lot of factors should be considered before you make this decision.

There are many advantages to having your children in your 20s. If you had your children in this time frame, what benefits did you discover about it? Please share your thoughts with us!

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The article is not stating that there are no risk of complications during pregnancy in your 20s, but clearly that there are less risk of complications. I gave birth to my daughter at the age of 24. The advantages mentioned are all really great. However, my favorites are #2, #3, and #6, for the simple fact that the hubby and I can't emphasize these points enough.

@DreamingZero People are judgmental either way. They judge you if you have children in your teens, 20s, 30s, or 40s.

My mum had me when she was - what I considered at the time to be - really young (she was 20). But I think, growing up, I can see how it was a good choice. We honestly have "grown up together" in a way. (:

This is stupid

Yes it's true of course but stating the obvious.

had my son at 24 was older than most of my school peers

@patrishka you could also be 18 and broke and 56 and have all the resources to help you. @ Goldie just my point if there is no good time why bother pointing out perks.

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