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7 Ways for Moms to Get a Break without a Sitter ...

By Alicia

This article is for you if the only break you are going to have is if you find the ways for moms to get a break when no sitter is available. I can so relate to your feelings because I have been there. I have been in the spot where though I loved my little darlings dearly, I desperately needed a break. Most of the time, I had to find a way to use these ways for moms to get a break without a sitter because that was my only option.

1 Work out

Working out is one of the great ways for moms to get a break without a sitter. This is because, more than likely, no one wants to work out with you. And even if your children think they do, they will more than likely quit before long and leave you all alone to finish your workout in peace. Working out is a great way to help you release stress and feel better too, so this is kind of a double blessing for you. For your best interests, aim for a workout most days of the week.

2 Teach Your Children That You Need a Break

One of the best ways to get a break when getting a sitter isn’t a possibility is to teach your children that you need a break. Of course this is not possible when they are very young, such as babies and toddlers. But once your children hit preschool age, they should be able to grasp the concept that Mommy needs a break. It might be helpful to say you need a few minutes to rest or relax instead of saying you need a break. Be sure to only take a small amount of time when your children are young and keep it age appropriate. This will help your children learn to play independently, too.

3 Stay up Late with a Good Book

I will tell you, this is my favorite way to get a break when I don’t have a sitter. My favorite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night is stay up until it is so late I can’t hold my eyes open. Being an avid reader, this is such a treat. Books are a way to be transported to a different world and experience different times, cultures and places. Give it a whirl and see how lovely it really is.

4 Have a Movie Night in- Separately

We all love movies, parents and children alike. Have a movie night in but do it with a little tweak to it. Watch your own movie in a different room than your children. The kids will be happy to have their own little movie night of their own and you will too. It may just become a favorite new hobby in your house.

5 Have a Cup of Tea

There is something very calming and relaxing about sitting and sipping a cup of tea. The very thought of it makes me feel a blissful peace. This is probably why people are often inclined to make a cup of tea for an individual if they are upset. If you don’t believe me, give it a try and see how enjoyable it is. Take your tea and slip away to a quiet little corner and enjoy.

6 Let the TV Babysit

Oh, I know, I know. The experts say that it is bad parenting to let the TV babysit your children. And I actually agree with them, if you abuse this habit. But when you really, desperately need a break, I believe a little TV is better than a mother that has no peace of mind and is irritable and cranky. Pop in a favorite DVD or turn on their favorite show and enjoy your mini-break.

7 Start a Cleaning Project

Starting a cleaning project is a guaranteed way to get a break when no sitter is in sight. Trust me; everyone will leave you alone when they find out you are cleaning. They are too afraid they will be put to work if they come too close. Though it isn’t the most enjoyable activity in the world, you will get some time to yourself. Another benefit is that you will get to mark a long dreaded chore off of your list.

Being a mom is a hard work and you need a break from time to time, even when you can’t get a sitter. What do you do when you find yourself in this situation? How do you get a break when no sitter is available?

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