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7 Amazing Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Newborns ...

By Jordin

Benefits of chiropractic care for newborns can span a whole length of things, but I wanted to highlight and share a few of the major reasons you should take your baby to be adjusted. Chiropractic care can even advance as far as helping with bed wetting in older children, so you can rest assured that nearly any issue you are dealing with for your little one may be resolved by a visit to your local chiropractor. Please see below for some brilliant benefits of chiropractic care for newborns!

1 Better Sleeping Patterns

My absolute favorite of all benefits of chiropractic care for newborns is better sleep and better sleeping patterns! My little girl has slept through the night since 8 weeks old and I firmly believe it to be because she has been adjusted on a regular basis. For most new moms, getting a full night's sleep would be a dream come true, so if your little one is having issues sleeping all night, why not give this a shot?

2 Healthy Brain Development

The spine is where many of your body’s nerves meet and so when you are adjusted, it’s almost like resetting your nervous center. Chiropractic care really promotes healthy brain and nerve development so it’s a good idea to get your children started early. has more info on this particular aspect.

3 Strengthened Immune System

When flu season rolls around, parents start getting out the germ-x and sanitizing every surface in sight. If you take your baby to be adjusted, his chances of getting sick are significantly lower than other kids. You should be regular with it to notice a big difference. Over time, you may start to notice that your baby’s immune system seems to be strengthened, and it’s true!

4 To Ease Colic Symptoms

Many parents with colicky babies have exhausted every end in effort to find a “cure” or anything to ease their baby’s symptoms. Chiropractic care can have such an impact on colicky babies! If gas drops have done virtually nil for your babe, and switching out bottles or formula don’t seem to help, then have your baby adjusted. Colic can be nipped in the bud if a chiropractor catches it!

5 Assistance with Digestive Disorders

As long as your baby doesn’t have a food allergy, you can count on chiropractic care to clear up issues with your baby’s digestive system! Whether it’s gas, colic, acid reflux, or a score of many other problems that may crop up, you can bet an adjustment will be just the thing to ease your baby back to his happy, healthy self. But be aware that you should continue adjustments on a regular basis in order to keep seeing results.

6 Easier Breathing

Many who suffer from asthma see a chiropractor to help with their breathing. Sinuses, allergies, stuffiness and throat or ear issues can also be cleared up or at least lessened with the aid of chiropractic care. My sister had bronchitis, and after several trips to be adjusted she didn’t even need the antibiotics prescribed to her! However, do not discontinue use of a prescribed medicine without first consulting a healthcare provider.

7 Overall Less Crankiness

Have you ever noticed a tendency to be crankier when you feel stressed and tensed? Babies are the same way! You will notice an overall difference for the better in baby’s disposition when you make regular trips to the chiropractor.

Chiropractic healthcare is beneficial for any age, but I especially recommend it for babies and children. Parenting can be difficult enough without adding to the stresses, so make things easier on yourself. Of course your child’s health benefits as well. Have you ever taken your baby to be adjusted before? Please comment below and share your thoughts!

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