9 Positive and Negative Ways Life Changes when You Become a Parent ...


9 Positive and Negative Ways Life Changes when You Become a Parent ...
9 Positive and Negative Ways Life Changes when You Become a Parent ...

There are so many crazy ways life changes when you become a parent, and it seems like most of us wait until the opportune time to have a baby. Really, no one is truly ready at any stage because it completely rocks your world (in a good way)! There's positive, incredible ways life changes when you become a parent, and some negative aspects that also come with the job. Being a parent isn't for the faint of heart but it's truly the most rewarding experience of life!

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Positive: You Have More Joy than Ever

One of the ways life changes when you become a parent is that each new day brings a smile to your face! With their good morning kisses and laughter filled moments, children never cease to bring you incredible joy. It's literally in our DNA to bear offspring and rear them- no wonder it's such a fulfilling experience!


Negative: Your Time is No Longer Your Own

Once you become a mom, your personal time becomes very limited. You primary focus is now your child and their happiness and well-being, which is a good thing! However, you do sacrifice your own freedom and the gift of just being by yourself to get things done or to relax in any given moment. Of course those times will be there but not nearly as often. When I get alone time to simply just go to the store, it's like a mini vacation because your mind is able to tune out, so-to-speak. You'll be amazed how tiring it is to be fully engaged mentally all day!


Positive: Your Love Knows No Bounds

You really don't understand love until you become a parent. Despite what's portrayed in movies, romantic love pales in comparison to the motherly and fatherly love a parent has for their child. This kind of love is unconditional, never-ceasing and simply has no bounds. At times you feel as if your heart could explode with love and pride for your babies!


Negative: You're Faced Daily with Your Own Selfishness

One thing I wasn't prepared for before I became a mama, was that my selfishness would be revealed to me each and every day. We are selfish beings by nature- it takes hard work to break out of this and become selfless. When you become a mom, you realize how much you value yourself and your own comforts and needs! Showering, doing your makeup and hair, or simply sitting and drinking your coffee in the morning is sometimes quite challenging, if not impossible! Then, as the parent, you step outside of yourself, learn to be flexible, and simply care for the needs of your child who is 100% dependent on you. It's a growing process for sure and some days are harder than others!


Positive: You Become a More Virtuous Person

Talk about a mirror check each and every day! Being a parent constantly reminds you to watch what you say, do and act, because those little eyes and ears are watching and listening to everything in order to imitate the ones they look up to and love. It's a good feeling and also challenging! You will mess up at times and that's ok. No one is a perfect parent. The point is to check how you are around your kids in order to show them how to grow into healthy and successful adults.


Negative: Adequate Sleep is Not a Given Anymore

From the moment you bring your baby home from the hospital, say goodbye to restful nights and less than adequate sleep from now on. Even once your baby sleeps through the night, mommy senses will wake you from a deep sleep at every little noise that could potentially be coming from your child's bedroom. Even now my two and a half year old will wake up some nights from a bad dream or just wanting to be tucked in a second and third time. It's super sweet but leads to poor quality of sleep. Thank goodness for naps though!


Positive: You Get to Shape Children into Healthy, Respectable Adults

What a noble task it is to raise children to be thriving, compassionate adults! It's a lot of pressure for sure, but still it's incredibly rewarding to think about. How you love and discipline your kids shapes them into who they will be and how they will act in their adult years. Make sure to not take bad behavior lightly or good behavior without reward. The young years are the most impressionable and create a foundation for healthy behavior in the future.


Negative: You Can Feel like a Failure at Times

Pretty much everyday I feel like I failure one way or the other. Being a parent is hard work and it's exhausting at times. When you do fail (it's probably not as big of a blunder as you think), remember that children are really forgiving, more so than adults, and can easily let the bad stuff go. If you slip up, for example, by yelling or saying a bad word, go to your child and apologize whole-heartedly . When they see you acknowledging your mistakes instead of ignoring them, they will be more prone to acknowledging theirs and will desire to do what's right themselves. Remember, children act through imitation!


Positive: You Get the Privilege of Being Completely Blessed Every Single Day

Simply put, being a parent is a blessing that's felt every single day! Even those who want children but can't have them biologically have other options, like adoption, that fills the desire to become a parent. Being a parent is a title that never leaves you. You will always be a mom once you are one!

Although the title of this article is about positive AND negative life changes when you become a parent, in reality the positives outweigh the negatives by far. What are some changes you've noticed in your own life as a mommy that may not be on this list?

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So true


It's so depressing that I almost had a chance to be a mom but miscarried but I have hope.. And even during pregnancy, the feeling was amazing !

Bollywood actress on first photo.. And her two daughters! Sri Devi way to go !!

Yep thats true.

Very true article.. I dnt know wat sleep is!! But am grateful for a hands on father I wouldn't change any of it for the world!!

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