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9 Things to Pack for Childbirth in Your Hospital Bag ...

By Jordin

What things to pack for childbirth as you prepare your hospital bag is a question than many new moms find themselves asking! I pondered this same question myself, and now having gone through the experience, I would love to share with you which things to pack for childbirth that I found to be helpful. A couple of these items I did not have, but wished I had at the time. Thankfully, the hospital staff came to my rescue and brought me a few things to make my labour experience much better.

1 Gatorade

One of the things to pack for childbirth is lots of Gatorade! Drinking fluids is essential to staying hydrated, and even if you have an IV, you will want something to sip on. Water gets old after a while so I bring Gatorade. The clear kind is best, since clear fluids are preferred by nurses for their patients anyway.

2 Birthing Ball

Your hospital may have a birthing ball available for you to use, but packing your own will ensure you have it right away. A birthing ball can make labour pains much easier to bear, and it is a lot more comfortable for you to sit on than a bed. Put a chucks pad on top to keep it from getting dirty.


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3 Socks

Your feet may get cold, especially if you’re walking the halls during labour. A pair of warm socks or flip-flops can prevent this from happening. I like to wear socks in the bed too, since your feet are sticking out a lot during labour.

4 Chapstick

You will be glad to have something to keep your lips moist, so make sure you take chapstick to the hospital. During labour, one does a lot of mouth breathing. Your mouth will be quite dried out and so will your lips, so keep that lip balm handy.

5 A Book

Now this might sound crazy, but sometimes labour can be quite a long process. Having something to do to fill your time in between contractions is going to be much appreciated. Stock up on trashy magazines or take those last few child-rearing books you meant to finish reading before baby was born, because you might have time to catch up.

6 Heating Pad

Here is another item your hospital may have. A heating pad is great therapy for those really strong contractions. It’s a natural method of slight pain relief, plus it offers comfort. That was the biggest point of interest for me.

7 Soothing Music

As labour is getting started, soothing music can help you to relax. Tensing up during contractions or just being stressed over labour in general can help delay the process. Keeping your mind and body focused and relaxed is important, and soothing music or nature sounds can greatly aid in this department.

8 Your Own Pillow

Hospital pillows are pretty uncomfortable. They are usually flat and lumpy, and not very supportive. I sent my husband home to bring me my own pillow after spending half a day using the hospital pillows with no luck.

9 A Labour Coach

Now, this isn’t actually an “item” and you certainly cannot pack it in your hospital bag. But having a labour coach will be an immense help and support to you. So whether it’s your partner, your mom, a friend, or a doula, make sure you have someone there for moral support.

Having a baby is different for every person, and each woman will have a different experience with labour. Whether yours is long or short, these items may help make your experience a bit easier or more comfortable! Which items did you pack to the hospital for labour and delivery?

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