9 Things to Pack for Childbirth in Your Hospital Bag ...


What things to pack for childbirth as you prepare your hospital bag is a question than many new moms find themselves asking! I pondered this same question myself, and now having gone through the experience, I would love to share with you which things to pack for childbirth that I found to be helpful. A couple of these items I did not have, but wished I had at the time. Thankfully, the hospital staff came to my rescue and brought me a few things to make my labour experience much better.

1. Gatorade

One of the things to pack for childbirth is lots of Gatorade! Drinking fluids is essential to staying hydrated, and even if you have an IV, you will want something to sip on. Water gets old after a while so I bring Gatorade. The clear kind is best, since clear fluids are preferred by nurses for their patients anyway.

Birthing Ball
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