7 Best and Worst Things about Being a Stay at Home Mom ...

I would never complain about being a stay at home mom. I get to see and witness a lot of things that I would miss if I worked outside the home. But, as I type this, my son is standing on my feet screaming up at me because I won't give him my keyboard. Like everything else, being a stay at home mom has its ups and downs. This is my list of the 7 best and worst things about being a stay at home mom.

1. Best: Getting to Spend All Day with Your Baby

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The number one best things about being a stay at home mom is that I get to spend all day with my wonderful baby boy. Even when he's cranky, I get to soothe and cuddle him, which is the best part of any day for me.

2. Worst: No One Thinks I do Anything

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I cannot tell you how many times a week I am asked what I do all day. Um, how about caring for my child that would literally get into everything in the house if I didn't stop him? And when he naps? I take a shower, I do laundry, I do the dishes, I try and pick up anything that he's thrown about the house while he was awake. There is nothing worse about being a stay at home mom than being made to feel like you do nothing all day.

3. Best: You Don't Miss Any Milestones

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The first time my son smiled? It was at me. The first time he rolled over? Scooted? Crawled? Stood up? Said his first word? I was there for every single milestone. I get so excited every time he does anything new and I don't have to miss any of it!

4. Worst: No Clocking out

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Here's something that nobody thinks about when speaking to mothers (especially single mothers): you never get to clock out. Even when you child is sleeping you have to be alert, because they wake up and you have to be awake for that. You don't get to take weekends off either. At most you'll get a sitter but even then, if you're anything like me, you spend a majority of your time watching your phone and obsessing over what your baby is doing.

5. Best: You Know Everything about the Person Raising Your Baby

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That's right, who knows you better than you do? You don't have to worry about strangers raising your kid because you get to do it all. All you have to worry about then is messing up your kid for life. But I mean, who worries about that?

6. Worst: Guilt Every Time You do Anything without Your Baby

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Remember earlier when I said that I spent the majority of the time away from my baby staring at my phone and obsessing over what he is doing? Yeah, I also feel guilty every time that I leave him with someone else. What if I miss something? What if he cries the whole time that I'm gone? These are the things that run through my head whenever my son isn't in my care.

7. Best: You Get to Watch Your Baby's Personality Develop

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My son has changed so much in a year. He went from a newborn that just kind of sat there to this little man that's independent and makes funny faces. I got to see every stage of his little personality developing, and I don't think I'll ever see anything greater in my life.

Well ladies, these are the things I think really define being a stay at home mom. What do you think are the best and worst (we don't judge here) things about being a stay at home mom? Let me know down below!

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