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7 Things That All Babies Love to Play with That Aren't Toys ...

By Fawn

When you have a one-year-old, you start to take note of the things that all babies love to play with, and most of them aren’t even toys. You would be amazed if you watched my son, by how many light up noise makers that he will pass up to play with regular old household items. That’s not all: there are some things that all babies love to play with over the toys that you would buy them at Toys R Us. Here is my list of those items.

1 Measuring Spoons

Measuring Spoons That’s right, measuring spoons - they are one of the everyday things that all babies love to play with, especially if they're on a ring. You would think that the baby keys on a ring would be chosen over measuring spoons... but you would be wrong. I don’t know why babies like them, but I do know you can buy a set at the dollar store for less than a ring of baby keys.

2 Boxes

Boxes It’s not only a toy for kittens! My son LOVES to play in the boxes that his diapers come in. And when his little friends come over, they love to play in them too. You would think that a plain old cardboard box would get boring after a while, but my son finds a lot of ways to play with the box. It’s a place to sit, a stool, a hat and a place to put all his other non-toys.

3 Medicine Droppers

Medicine Droppers My son LOVES an empty medicine dropper more than most things. It’s both a teether toy and a water gun when used correctly (mostly G-man just sucks up his own spit if we’re being honest). He has water toys that suck up water and squirt it back out when squeezed but for some reason, he likes his empty medicine dropper more.

4 Water Bottles

Water Bottles I can’t even have one of these in my hand anymore. My little boy will cry for a water bottle whether it’s full or empty. I really don’t know why, since all he really does is shake it (most of the time it’s empty and makes no noise) but, he’ll stay distracted by a water bottle for hours on end. All I know is that you can get a bottle of water for less than a dollar and that will hydrate you and keep your baby occupied!

5 Cell Phones

Cell Phones I have a few old cell phones lying around the house and it doesn’t matter where I put them, my son finds them and plays with them. He presses the buttons, tries to make calls and occasionally puts them in his mouth. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me since most of the time they can’t even power up, but he loves them. And, since they’re old and broken anyway I let him carry them around with him like his mommy (plus when he flips them the wrong way and pretends to be talking on them, it’s pretty adorable).

6 Remote Controls

Remote Controls I have a remote that lights up when you press any of the buttons on it, and that is my son’s go-to toy when it’s night time (or any other time that I change the channel). He also loves to put it down on the carpet and slide around with his hands on it. He also really loves to change the channel as soon as I get into anything on the History Channel.

7 Tampons-in-a-Box

Tampons-in-a-Box The other day my aunt was watching my son and she posted a picture of him playing with the tampons from the box in the bathroom. I immediately received a lot of comments from my mom friends saying that their children also love to play with tampons. I have no words or explanations about why kids love tampons but, they do. A lot.

Well ladies, these are the non-toys that I’ve noticed that kids seem to love. What random things do your kids like to play with? Let me know down below!

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