8 Ways to Deal with Fears about Parenthood ...


8 Ways to Deal with Fears about Parenthood ...
8 Ways to Deal with Fears about Parenthood ...

You may need ways to deal with fears about parenthood when you're considering starting a family. It's wise to have doubts, as bringing a child into the world is a big deal for you, your partner, and the child. But what if these doubts are really making you worry too much? Many of them are based upon concerns that you won't be good enough. So here are some ways to deal with fears about parenthood.

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Parental Advice

One of the best ways to deal with fears about parenthood is to take advice from people who have been through it themselves. So talk with your own parents, and friends who have kids. You'll probably find that they felt the same way and have found that they worried for no reason.


Don't Aspire to Perfection

You may be worried that you won't be good enough at raising a child. But this may even be a sign of the exact opposite, as having doubts shows that being a good parent is important to you. Nobody's perfect, and children don't come with a manual that makes raising them easy.


Try before You Buy

If you are worried about having kids because you've not had much experience with them, borrow some from friends. Do some babysitting, take them out, and get a taste of what it's like to be a parent. Of course it's not the same as having permanent responsibility, but it will give you an idea of how you might feel about having kids yourself.


Everyone Has Doubts

It's perfectly natural to have doubts about being a parent. It's a massive change. You worry about how you'd cope emotionally, practically and financially. But anyone in their right mind feels the same way. And the vast majority of people cope just fine.



If you really want kids, have faith in yourself that you'll cope with parenthood. It's a challenge for sure, but also a really rewarding experience. Focus on the positives that you will be able to give to your children. Encourage their abilities and make them feel secure and happy.


Do Your Best

You can only do your best as a parent - and that's almost certainly much better than you think it is. Parenthood is not going to be a smooth ride, and you have to expect times when your kids will seem to hate you. Just do the best job you can, and don't try to be the perfect parent.



A minority of people are concerned about how medical problems will affect them or their potential children. Perhaps they have health problems or there are genetic illnesses in their family. If you're worried about medical issues speak to your doctor and other experts; it may not be as serious as you think.


Be Different

People who've had an unhappy childhood often fear that they might follow the example of their own parents. If you're worried about that, resolve to do things differently. Don't fear that you'll be like your own parent(s); move beyond that and be a loving, encouraging, happy mom.

Some people have no doubts that they want to be a parent, and start a family without a second thought. Others worry that they won't be good enough, or are uncertain that it's what they want. Only you and your partner can decide whether parenthood is for you, but many doubts can be clarified by talking and reflecting. What is or was your greatest fear about parenthood, and what helped you to resolve your concerns?

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I babysat a friends kid for a year every other weekend between the age of 2 and 3yrs and found that his sleeping pattern became more difficult when he started to walk.. But as time passed, my love grew more&more for him.. And I now know that I am in some ways prepared :-)

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