7 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Baby Registry ...


7 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Baby Registry ...
7 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Baby Registry ...

I don't know about you, but the only part of my baby shower I was allowed to have anything to do with was my baby shower registry! And it was really fun, but I had no idea what I was doing. I had only one page of things from Babies''R''Us on my baby shower registry and I actually had a few complaints that no one knew what to get me (which led to a lot of outfits that my supremely chunky baby was too big for from birth). I was ignorant to the system, I didn't know how to make a registry, but luckily this isn't a problem that you'll have! These are my tips for getting the most out of your baby shower registry.

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Ask around

Ask every mom that you know what they put on your baby shower registry. I'm not kidding, you would be surprised what you forget when you're at home in front of a computer or even in a store full of stuff (pregnancy brain is a wonderful thing, isn't it?). Ask what other people registered for and take a lot of notes.


Watch What Other Moms Buy

If you are going into a store to do your registry, watch what other moms buy in that store (even ask questions if you're brave, but usually if someone sees that you're doing a registry, they'll share their thoughts on just about everything freely). That's how I found out that Pampers Swaddlers were the best diaper for my chunky little monkey.


Look at What Other Moms Are Selling

If you want to see what you'll actually use when you have a baby, look at what other moms have bought and are selling. It seems like a silly idea but it's really not. If you see a lot of products that are new in the box, it's probably not a product that you'll actually use a lot.


Read Reviews

For weeks after I found out that I was having a baby, I obsessed over a crib that I thought I really wanted. I put a picture of it up in the room that was set to be the nursery (right next to the paint swatches). Then, after a few weeks of picturing this adorable nursery that centered around this beautiful white crib, I actually read the reviews. It was terrible and my dreams were shattered (luckily I found a great crib by Carter's to take its place). Be sure to read the reviews before you add anything to your registry.


Stock up on Diapers in All Sizes

People never seem to remember that babies grow out of diaper sizes really really quickly. I for instance wound up with 4 boxes of newborn diapers for a baby that skipped right past newborn sizes after a week. If you're adding diapers to your registry, don't just add one size.


Add EVERYTHING to Your Registry

It doesn't matter the size or the price, if you want something for your baby, add it to your registry. I was surprised to find that my aunt bought me a changing table and crib that weren't on my list just to be generous. You never know what people will want to purchase for you so, just to be safe, you should add everything to your registry.


Know What You'll Actually Need Right Away

If you don't want to add everything to your registry, know what you'll need right away with your newborn. That way you won't have to stress out over anything but the baby in those first few days after coming home from the hospital.

Well ladies, that is my list of tips for getting the most out of your baby registry. What did you register for at your baby shower? What tips would you give to mom-to-bes making their own registry? Let me know down below!

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