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10 Adorable Newborn Photo Ideas for Your Little Precious One ...

By Heather

There are so many adorable newborn photo ideas I can’t wait to put to good use when I have a baby of my own someday. In the meantime, I just love scouring Pinterest for all the cutest inspiration. Looking for newborn photo ideas to try out with your own little one? Check out these 10 incredibly sweet ideas.

1 Wedding Rings

Wedding RingsWhen it comes to creative newborn photo ideas, I’m sure you’ll agree that it doesn’t get much cuter than hanging mom and dad’s wedding rings from baby’s tiny toes.

2 Daddy’s Tie

Daddy’s TieGot a little ladies’ man you can’t wait to show off? Capture a picture of him kicking back in one of his daddy’s favorite ties. I love the adorable sleeping expression on this baby’s face.

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3 Age

AgeCapture every month of your baby’s first year by snapping a series of photos featuring numbers. As a fun twist on this idea, I’ve seen babies dressed in outfits decorated with the numbers 1-12, as glimpsed here. Numbered blocks are also popular. Whichever option you choose, it’s sure to be the perfect way to remember how your little one grows and changes over time.

4 Vintage Frame

Vintage FrameLooking to add some extra artistic flair to your baby’s photos? Work with your photographer to pose him or her inside a beautiful vintage frame. Without a doubt, this is one picture you and everyone else in the family will love displaying at home.

5 Special Delivery

Special DeliveryBabies are a special delivery unlike any other, so what better way to share the news than by having your photographer capture a photo of your son or daughter peeking out from the inside of a mailbox? This is by far one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen, and I also think the little girl’s floral headband is unbelievably cute.

6 Sock Monkey

Sock MonkeyAs someone who loves sock monkeys, I was thrilled to come upon this precious image of a baby dressed up in a handmade hat. Do you love it, too? Like many of the others already mentioned, this is one idea that’s equally perfect for a boy or girl.

7 Christmas Stocking

Christmas StockingSanta’s been especially good to you this year, hasn’t he? Celebrate baby’s first Christmas with a timely photo of him or her peeking out from inside a classic red-and-white stocking. Then, hang the photo from your mantelpiece or make it a part of your annual holiday card to celebrate and share your joy all season long.

8 Basket of Ornaments

Basket of OrnamentsOf course, stocking pictures aren’t the only fun holiday-themed idea out there. That’s why I also couldn’t resist sharing this similarly sweet photo of a baby swaddled inside a basket and surrounded by an assortment of colorful ornaments.

9 First Initial

First InitialClassic yet creative, this picture of a newborn next to his or her name initial makes the perfect addition to any birth announcement or nursery photo collage. Other options include using blocks or letters to spell out your baby’s first name or monogram.

10 Tiny Mermaid

Tiny MermaidWhether it’s your daughter’s first Halloween or any other time of year, a tiny crocheted mermaid costume is the epitome of sweetness. I absolutely adore the aqua color!

What are some of your favorite newborn photo ideas? Have you or will you be giving any of those mentioned here a try?

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