7 Fantastic Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes You'll Love ...

Whether youโ€™re waiting until birth to find out the sex of your child or just want to create a bedroom thatโ€™s not specifically geared toward a boy or girl, gender-neutral nursery themes are becoming more popular all the time. Canโ€™t make up your mind about what type of design to go with? These seven gender-neutral nursery themes are sure to capture your imagination and get the ideas flowing.

1. Safari Adventure

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When it comes to fun and creative gender-neutral nursery themes, you can hardly help but fall in love with the idea of an imaginary safari adventure. Artwork in this type of nursery can feature animals commonly seen roaming the savanna, including lions, elephants, rhinos and giraffes, while color schemes might include shades of yellow, orange, grey, brown or green. Dress things up with animal-print rugs and bedding, and donโ€™t forget to include plenty of stuffed animals!

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