7 Super Cute Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas for Your Little Princess ...

By Bridget

7 Super Cute Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas for Your Little Princess ...

Your little girl is likely a princess, and certainly you want to provide her with a bedroom that is fit for royalty – and these baby girl bedroom ideas are sure to suit her personality and appeal to her girly side. Whether your little girl really does love princesses, or she has a more, err, sophisticated style, you can create a stunning space for her. Take your choice, because any of these baby girl bedroom ideas are sure to make your little girl feel special.

1 Princesses

Princesses Of course, my first suggestion for baby girl bedroom ideas is princesses. Every parent thinks of their little girl as a princess, and every little girl wants to be a princess. As such, it’s only fitting that to create a bedroom fit for a princess. Pinks and purples are the perfect palette. Bedding made of silks and satins fit right in. Of course, don’t forget princess accents, like tiaras, scepters and costumes.

2 Secret Garden

Secret Garden Turn your baby girl’s bedroom into a lavish secret garden. For this room, paint the bottom of the walls green to resemble the grass and paint the tops blue, to resemble the sky. Use stencils or stickers to add flowers to the walls. Light and airy fabrics and bouquets of faux flowers will help to complete the secret garden look.

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3 Prima Ballerina

Prima Ballerina If your girl doesn’t want to be a princess, there’s probably a good chance that she wants to be a ballerina – I know I wanted to be one when I was a little girl. Turn her bedroom into a ballet-inspired space, complete with pink walls, pink bedding, tutus and even a ballet bar and mirrors (she can use these when she gets a little bigger).

4 Butterflies

Butterflies There’s just something sweet, magical, innocent and feminine about butterflies. For your baby girl’s bedroom, how about creating a space inspired by these amazing creatures? The wall color is up to you, as any color would work. Bring in butterflies in the decorative accents, like the bedding, the curtains and on wall hangings. You can also stencil some butterflies on the walls.

5 Ladybugs

Ladybugs Just like butterflies, ladybugs have a certain girly playfulness to them. For a bedroom designed after these creatures, try painting the walls a muted shade of red and perhaps add some black spots. Bedding and other accessories that showcase these spotted beings will help to bring the look of the room together.

6 Fairies

Fairies Fairies are yet another sweet theme for a baby girl's nursery. To create a fairy-themed room, I suggest using a pastel color palette. I would also display fairy decals on the walls. Lightweight fabrics, like organza, are ideal for the window treatments and you can even create a canopy of sorts above the bed.

7 Dolls

Dolls You could even create a room that is based around the beloved girl’s toy, the doll. There isn’t really any particular color palette needed, so choose whatever works for you. To bring in the dolls theme, you can use linens that feature images of dolls, display doll pictures on the walls or showcase dolls on shelves throughout the room. The dolls will serve as decorative accents and will double as toys.

A bedroom is the one space in a home that belongs to the inhabitant. This space is important to all ages, even to babies. Do you have a baby girl? What is the theme of her bedroom?

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I love number 2.

I love no.6 its so dreamy like fairy tales

Interesting. I love the first one. Really cute. :)

I'm doing my little girls owl themed! I'm obsessed!



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