38 Adorable Little Girl Bedroom Ideas Sure to Impress Your Little Princess ...


If you have a daughter, chances are you need some great little girl bedroom ideas. After all, she's going to be spending lots of time in there and you want it to be a place she loves. Even if your little one is particular and choosy, you're sure to find something she loves while going through this list of little girl bedroom ideas. Let me know what she chooses!

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Wall Decals

Wall Decals Via prambains
One of my favorite little girl bedroom ideas is to apply a fun mural to the wall. You can customize the space to go with or add a mural that goes with everything else.


Wall decals are a great way to add a fun and unique touch to any little girl's bedroom. They come in a variety of designs and colors, so you can easily find one that fits the theme of the room. Wall decals are also easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any damage to the walls. Additionally, wall decals are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional wallpaper.


Twinkling Lights

Twinkling Lights Via 31 funky and creative headboards
What little girl wouldn't love to have these star lights in her bedroom?

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Princess in the Making

Princess in the Making Via All About Emily.
Even without the space for a grand four poster bed, you can recreate a royal's bedroom with this adorable wall decor.


This charming wall decor is perfect for any little girl's bedroom. The Princess in the Making design features an elegant princess in a beautiful dress, surrounded by a crown, stars, and a magical wand. The vibrant colors and whimsical design will bring a touch of fantasy to any child's room.

Not only is this wall decor incredibly cute, it is also incredibly versatile. It can be used to create a royal bedroom theme, or it can be used as part of a more modern look. It can be used to bring a touch of whimsy to a classic design, or to add a touch of fantasy to a more modern design.

No matter what type of style you are looking for, this wall decor is sure to impress. It is perfect for any little girl's bedroom, no matter what her age or style. It is sure to bring a smile to her face each time she enters her room.

This wall decor is also incredibly easy to install. It is made of lightweight wood and comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a great option for busy parents.

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Room to Play

Room to Play Via Designarthouse.com
It's always nice to have an area where your daughter can play dress up or have a tea party.


When it comes to creating the perfect bedroom for your daughter, it's important to create an area where she can feel comfortable and inspired. A great way to do this is to create a space that encourages her to play dress up and have tea parties with her friends.

To create an area that is both comfortable and inviting, start by choosing a bed that is the right size for your daughter. You can also add a few soft pillows and a cozy blanket to make it even more inviting. If you have the space, you can also add a few bean bags or a hammock to make it even more fun.

Next, you'll want to create a space where your daughter can dress up and have tea parties. You can add a dress-up rack with a variety of costumes, as well as a table and chairs for her to use for her tea parties. You can also add a few toys and books to the area to keep her entertained.

To make the area even more inviting, you can add a few decorations such as wall art or a rug with a fun pattern. You can also add some string lights or a chandelier to give the room a magical feel.

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Bunk Bed Tents

Bunk Bed Tents Via happy little girls bedroom
Make the most of a shared bedroom by creating a tent for each girl's bed.

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Coordinating Colors

Coordinating Colors Via Feito por Nós: Quartos de ...
It's fun to pick out a color scheme and I think this one works just right.



When it comes to designing a little girl's bedroom, coordinating colors can make all the difference. It's important to choose colors that complement each other and create a cohesive look. In this article, you can find 38 adorable bedroom ideas for your little princess that are sure to impress. From soft pastel shades to bold and bright colors, there is something for every style and preference. This particular bedroom features a lovely color scheme of pink, purple, and white, giving off a playful and feminine vibe. It's a great example of how coordinating colors can bring a room together and create a beautiful and inviting space for your little one.

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Lots of Pattern

Lots of Pattern Via Cute Girls Bedroom Design : ...
There is definitely a lot going on this bedroom, but it works really well.

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Dual Purpose Bed

Dual Purpose Bed Via James R. Salomon Architectural Photography: ...
This bed looks like an adorable little couch where your daughter could hang out with her friends.

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Picking out Clothes

Picking out Clothes Via House For Five: Our Little ...
What a great way to eliminate the battle over what she's going to wear in the morning.


Picking out clothes for your little girl's bedroom can be a fun and creative process. Not only does it allow her to express her personal style, but it can also help eliminate the morning struggle of deciding what to wear. This adorable bedroom idea, featured on the interior design blog House For Five, showcases a cute and organized way to display your child's clothing. By using a combination of open shelves, hanging racks, and labeled bins, your little princess can easily see and choose her outfits for the day. This not only promotes independence, but also teaches organization skills at a young age.

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Little Girl Bedroom Entry

Little Girl Bedroom Entry Via New house finishing touches etc
If you are super creative and don't mind having this in your hallway, you can make the entrance to your daughter's bedroom something really special.


This Little Girl Bedroom Entry is a great way to make your daughter feel extra special. The entry is decorated with a pink and white striped wallpaper, a white door, and a pink and white rug. A white shelf is hung on the wall with a cute pink flower pot and a stuffed animal. The door is framed with a white frame and decorated with a pink bow. This entryway is sure to create a magical feeling as your daughter enters her bedroom. It is sure to make her feel like a real princess!

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Lit up Curtains

Lit up Curtains Via Rustic Prom 2016
These curtains looks really fun when they're lit up and are a great alternative to a night light.


Lit up curtains are a unique and fun way to add a bit of whimsy to a little girl's bedroom. Not only do they provide a beautiful, soft glow, but they can also serve as a nightlight, which can be a great comfort for young children.

These curtains are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. They can be hung up with traditional curtain rods or mounted on the wall to create a unique look. You can also find curtains that are battery operated, making them easy to install and maintain.

Lit up curtains are a great way to add a touch of magic to a little girl's bedroom. They create a dreamy atmosphere and can be used to create a focal point in the room. You can also use them to add a bit of privacy to the space.

When shopping for lit up curtains, consider the size of your little girl's bedroom. You'll want to make sure that the curtains are not too big or too small, as this can make the room look cluttered. Also, look for curtains that are made from quality materials, as this will ensure that they last for years.

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Pink and White Stripes

Pink and White Stripes Via Exceptionally Eclectic - Stripes & ...
Pink and white stripes are fun for a girl's room, no matter her age.

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Fancy Bed

Fancy Bed Via 22 Cool and Unusual Kids ...
This fancy looking bed would be any little girl's dream come true.

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Polka Dots

Polka Dots Via the home
Polka dots are a fresh, fun way to add personality to any room.

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Lots to Look at

Lots to Look at Via Barnerom / childrens room
No one is going to get bored hanging out in this bedroom.

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Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue Via Beautiful Bedrooms
This room is great for a baby, but you can easily switch out the crib and turn it into a big girl's bedroom without changing the decor.

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Small Furniture

Small Furniture Via Girl's Play Room
Add some little girl sized furniture to really make the bedroom her own.

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Vintage Via Top 50+ DIY Crafts - ...
The brass bed, the color scheme and the wallpaper make me think of little girl bedrooms from long ago.

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Fancy Decor

Fancy Decor Via Blythe Canopy Sheers
The chandelier makes this a room I want for my own!

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Maximize Space

Maximize Space Via Avas Bedroom
This room might be small, but it makes the most of what's there.

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Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas Via Furniture and Decor for Your ...
All those drawers give your daughter plenty of space to store her toys and treasures.

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Striped Ceiling

Striped Ceiling Via sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net
The ceiling is definitely different, but it works in this bedroom.

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Toy Nook

Toy Nook Via decorupon.com
This little nook for playing is perfect for larger bedrooms.

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Inspiration Via Vinyl Lettering - In A ...
Add a fancy wall quote to inspire your daughter every day.

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Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors Via Upholstered Bunk Beds
Using neutral colors allows your daughter to make the space her own with her favorite things.

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Ceiling Flowers

Ceiling Flowers Via Girl Bedroom Ideas In Fun ...
The ceiling decor in this room just makes it so much fun!

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Built Ins

Built Ins Via Cómo reformar una habitación
The built in shelves are perfect for toys and books.

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Reading Nook

Reading Nook Via Gotlandsliv
What a perfect place for your daughter to read her favorite books!

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Bed Curtains

Bed Curtains Via Tilton Fenwick Puts a Fresh ...
I love how the curtains on the bed allow your daughter to have some privacy.

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Storage Bins

Storage Bins Via Cuckoo 4 Design: Rate my ...
Look at how cute all those storage bins are! They're perfect for keeping everything organized and out of sight.

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Colorful Via Colorful Little Girls Bedroom
I love how all the colors look together in this room.

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Double Beds

Double Beds Via Eclectic Home Tour - Dear ...
Some little girls don't want so share a room, but when it looks like this, it gets much easier.

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Lots of Blue

Lots of Blue Via Pottery Barn Kids Model!
Just because she's a girl doesn't mean she can't have a feminine bedroom in shades of blue.

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Bright Colors

Bright Colors Via Halle
Bright colors are a fun alternative to the common pale shades often found in little girl bedrooms.

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Ruffle Drapes

Ruffle Drapes Via For the Home
I sort of want these curtains in my bedroom.

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Patterned Canopy

Patterned Canopy Via Girls Bedrooms
Many canopies are solid, but I love this printed one even more!

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Hideaway Via Mila's big girl room ideas
This bed is a fantastic hideaway combined with a fun place to sleep.

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Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen Via Girl bedrooms
I can't even tell you how totally awesome this bedroom is. I would have died to have one like it when I was younger.

Are you dreaming of redecorating your little girl's bedroom? Which idea do you love best?

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Love them all but #25, 33, and 38 is my absolute favorites!

#38 is just awesome! Cant wait to do my lil girls room😀

Well fit for a queen 😂

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