27 Super Cute Baby Shower Decorations to Make Your Party the Best ...

By Eliza

27 Super Cute Baby Shower Decorations to Make Your Party the Best ...

Baby shower decorations are a natural part of any such celebration. You have so many more options than blue and pink too. The baby shower should be one that Mom loves and if you're throwing the party, check out these ideas. Before you know it you'll have your baby shower decorations all picked out and ready to go.

1 Pink Flowers

pink,flower,centrepiece,quinceañera,plant, Via Madison's baby shower
If the mom-to-be is having a girl, these fun hanging flowers are the perfect baby shower decorations.

These pink flowers are the perfect baby shower decorations for a mom-to-be who is expecting a girl. The flowers are suspended from the ceiling, creating a stunning centrepiece. They are sure to be a hit at the party, adding a touch of elegance and charm.

The flowers are a type of quinceanera plant, which is a traditional Mexican flower often used in ceremonies and celebrations. Quinceanera plants are usually pink or purple, and they are known for their long-lasting blooms. The flowers can be used to decorate tables, walls, and even the ceiling.

When selecting flowers for a baby shower, it is important to consider the colour scheme and theme of the event. Pink is a classic colour for a baby shower, and these pink flowers will fit right in. They will look beautiful against a white or neutral backdrop, and they are sure to be the star of the show.

2 Snacks

food,dessert,cupcake,cake,baking, Via owl baby shower
These do double duty as snacks and decorations. Use blue candies for a boy shower.

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3 Colored Jars

pink,flower,petal,Sugar,Spice, Via Baby Shower Decorations - Baby ...
These cute painted jars are adorable for holding flowers at a baby shower.

4 Neutral Colors

yellow,party,lighting,food,baby shower, Via You Are My Sunshine Baby ...
You can do the jar decor with neutral colors if the gender hasn't been revealed yet.

5 Snack Table

centrepiece,floristry,flower arranging,meal,party, Via Pompony z tiulu ozdobne do ...
Outfit the snack table with hanging decor and a banner across the front.

6 Bowtie Silverware

fashion accessory,art,petal,textile, Via Pin by Ashley DeCair on ...
What could be cuter for a little boy's baby shower?

7 Something Different

pink,flower,plant,petal,land plant, Via Spring Baby Shower Decorations | ...
They might not look like your standard baby shower decorations, but I think they work great.

8 Fruit Baby

food,produce,fruit,plant,meal, Via Baby shower decoration
I've heard people say this is creepy, but if you have the talent it could be a fun decoration for the food table.

9 Footprint Banner

wall,art,interior design,modern art,mural, Via Baby footprint garland - Baby ...
You could string these anywhere for a fun touch on the walls.

10 Balloons and Streamers

blue,sugar paste,dessert,food,party, Via My sister's Baby shower
This balloons and streamers wall decor is super cute and really easy to copy.

11 Balloon Wall

balloon,room,toy,play,party, Via Baby Showers
You can never have too many balloons when you're celebrating the birth of a baby.

12 Keepsakes

font,art,writing,picture frame,Apn, Via Baby Shower Decorations & Themes
This is a cute decoration, but it also gives the mom some bits of advice to read through later.

This keepsake decoration is an easy and fun way to add some personalization to any baby shower. It features a frame made of wood with a printed message that reads "Welcome to the World, Little One". Inside the frame is a sweet poem with words of advice for the new mom, such as "Be brave, be kind, and be true". The poem is printed on a card with a colorful design that adds a cheerful touch to the keepsake. This is a great way to show the mom-to-be how much you care, and it will be a treasured memento she can keep forever.

13 Balloon Pacifiers

pink,food,sugar paste,dessert,centrepiece, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Create these cute pacifiers out of balloons and hang them all over the place.

14 Rubber Duckie Straws

yellow,earrings,product,lighting,art, Via Baby shower decorations, baby shower ...
These would be really easy to make and add a lot of personality to your party.

15 Raindrops

wall,art,interior design,baby shower,textile, Via Baby Shower Decorations & Themes
It is a shower after all. Am I right?

16 Garland

earrings,pink,fashion accessory,product,jewellery, Via Pink and grey baby shower ...
This cute garland would be perfect on the wall above the gifts.

17 Baby Pink and White

pink,wedding cake,party,quinceañera,baby shower, Via Baby Shower
The color scheme of this table is stunning.

18 Table Decor

product,baby shower, Via Items similar to Boy Baby ...
Smaller items are great for decorating tables with.

19 Washcloth Roses

centrepiece,flower,product,floristry,christmas decoration, Via Unique Baby Shower Centerpieces, Ultimate ...
Use tiny baby washcloths to make these cute "flower" arrangements for the tables.

20 Chalkboard

, Via baby shower decor idea - ...
The chalkboard is so cute!

21 Clothing Garland

blue,Jack,KristenDuke, Via Baby Boy Airplane Shower - ...
Use some tiny baby clothes to create a garland that the mom-to-be can take home with her.

22 Baby Shower Decoration

blue,turquoise,turquoise,food,baby shower, Via Feeling Creative Today
Use pink for a girl's baby shower or choose yellow or green for a gender unknown kind of baby shower.

23 Cardboard Letters

food,dessert,chocolate cake,cake,buttercream, Via Table decor ideas for baby ...
Painted cardboard letters are great table decor. You could also spell the baby's name.

24 Jungle Baby Shower Cake

food,cake,birthday cake,dessert,cake decorating, Via JUNGLE theme Monkey, Giraffe 3 ...
You can easily customize this diaper cake with whatever theme your baby shower happens to be.

25 Diaper Wreath

blue,christmas decoration,wreath,decor, Via Items similar to Diaper Wreath, ...
Another great decoration your guest of honor can take home and use once the baby is born.

26 Onesie Banner

green,art,design,pattern, Via Baby One-Piece Bodysuit "BABY GIRL" ...
You can cut onesies or other baby themed images from paper and turn them into a banner.

27 Earth Tones

curtain,interior design,tablecloth,textile,window treatment, Via BABY Shower Decorations Welcome Baby ...
I love the earth tones that make this decoration scene look great. This works for a girl or boy.

What are your dream baby shower decorations? Will you use any of these?

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