7 Super Cool Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas That He Will Adore ...


7 Super Cool Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas That He Will Adore ...
7 Super Cool Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas That He Will Adore ...

Your little boy is your prince, your champ, your buddy and your pal – if you’re looking for some baby boy bedroom ideas that are cool and that your guy will love, how about trying some of these on for size? Speaking from my own point-of-view, there really are a lot of super cool and fun baby boy bedroom ideas out there (I have a soon-to-be 3-year-old). So, here are some of the themes that I considered, and even one that I chose (and one that we’ll soon be using).

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Moon and Stars

My very favorite of all baby boy bedroom ideas that I thought of is the moon and stars. In fact, I love it so much that this is what the theme of my son’s room is. The walls are painted a super light blue and we have stars hanging on the walls above his changing table. We even have some moon and star paintings that were made by my talented sister. The bedding features a whimsical moon and stars. To pull it all together, we have a moon and constellation night light. It is soothing and oh-so heavenly.



So, my little guy is really into trains, and this is the theme we will be using for his “big boy” bedroom (I’m getting a little chocked up). We’ll paint the walls a darker blue and bring in a train-shaped bed. We’ll also put up shelves and display trains on them and stock the bookcases with train books. A train-shaped toy box and a train track area rug will complete the look.



If I have another child and it’s a boy, I think I’ll choose this super awesome theme – rock-and-roll. I’ll paint the walls white and hang some old vinyl records throughout the room, as well as music notes. I’ll even make sure to stock his bedtime music with soothing rock-and-roll songs (there are some particular Beatles and Billy Joel songs that come to mind).



Of course, cars are another totally fitting theme for a baby boy. You can opt to go with a Disney Cars theme, or choose race cars or vintage cars. Whichever you choose, feature these vehicles in the room by hanging images on the walls, using bedding that features cars and by adding toy cars to the space.



Hoping your baby boy will one day be an all-star baseball player or a star quarterback? Encourage his desire to play sports with a sporting-themed bedroom. Any color paint will do and you can choose to feature one sport or a variety of sports in the space. Items that you can use to pull of this theme include vintage baseball pictures, soccer balls, football helmets and anything else that is related to sports that will fit into a baby boy’s bedroom.


The Great Outdoors

Create a room that is reminiscent of camping in the woods. Use a darker color palette and linens that are made out of checkered flannel. You can also hang toy fishing poles, images of bears and other accessories that call to mind the Great Outdoors.



An animal-themed room is both cool and cute for a baby boy’s room. Choose jungle or safari animals, or opt for the marine variety. Whichever you choose, use a color scheme that ties into the location in which the animals live – green for the jungle, blue for the sea and browns for the safari. Include whimsical images of the animals in the space, and display them on the linens and with plush animals.

Designing a baby boy’s bedroom is so much fun because there are so many options available. You know that I chose the moon and stars – what did you choose?

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Anchor theme. Sailboats and such :)

My little brother is asking for a fire truck theme but we really wanted to make him a dinosaur theme

Galaxy theme ll be cool too!

Robots are so cute too!

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