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9 Baby Girl Nursery Themes ...

By Jordin

Baby girl nursery themes are so much fun to work on and put together! Any nursery theme is precious, boy or girl, but there’s just something about ruffles and bows that are especially fun for mama’s to put together! If you’re about to have your own bundle of pink, here are my favorite baby girl nursery themes to give you a few ideas on where to get started!

1 Owls

One of my favorite baby girl nursery themes of all time is owls! Owls are just perfectly cute and cuddly, and they are totally in style right now. You should have no problem finding accessories and items to put in her room should you go with owls as your theme.

2 Elegance

If you have a big flair for drama, let it all out in your baby girl’s room! I’ve seen some inspiring pictures of very elegant baby girl nurseries that make me long for pearls and lace! For an elegant theme, I love black and white, or gray and pastel pinks as a color palette. Keep it simple with color, the less color, the more dramatic!

3 Vintage

Here’s a girl nursery theme I adore. I love all things vintage, and it would be easy to go crazy with the vintage vibe in a baby girl’s room! You may need to do a lot of thrift store shopping or antique shopping to find the perfect items to complete her room. Don’t buy any antique furniture that you actually plan to use though. Antique cribs may not be safe for use with your new baby girl.

4 Fairy Tales

With this theme idea, you could go two ways. You can either choose the whole fairy tale layout as a back-drop (castles, swans, carriages, horses, clouds, etc.), or you could pick a fairy tale in general and use it as a starting point. Go with whatever feels right; it’s your sweet baby girl!

5 Princesses

I think princesses are one of those girl nursery themes that’s not only classic, but also perfect! Most little girls do dream of being a princess, after all. For this theme, you could choose one specific princess, or go with all of the princesses in general. I love the Disney Princesses, but you could use traditional princesses, princesses of legend, or exotic, real life princesses as your spring board if you wanted.

6 Shapes

Looking for something a little bit different or uncharacteristic? Try going with shapes! You can pick out bright colors and large, dramatic shapes for effect. Circles, triangles, squares, rectangles-you can get creative with how you decorate a nursery using this theme!

7 Characters

There are so many characters out there that you just can’t go wrong with this one. Since most parents get the nursery ready before baby is born, you have no way of knowing who your child’s favorite character will be. You will just have to pick something you think is right! A few ideas are Minnie Mouse, Elmo, Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty, and Barbie Doll.

8 Butterflies

I love this room theme for a girl nursery! What could be more dainty than sweet butterflies on your baby’s wall? I picture a butterfly nursery in purple, but you can use any color you like. If butterflies aren’t your thing, consider ladybugs, or maybe bees!

9 Jungle

This may seem like an odd theme for a baby girl nursery, but there are ways to really pull this whole theme together for a girl. If you go with a jungle theme, look for bedding in your colors and lots of cute accessories or stuffed animals to sit around. Look for pictures of things you like and take them shopping with you to get a clear visual in your head!

Remember that it’s your baby, so you get to pick the nursery theme. Don’t let anyone pressure you into something you don’t like, since you’ll be spending a lot of time in this particular room from here on out! My one tip is to choose a theme or color scheme that will grow with baby. Teddy Bears or Noah’s Ark will be outgrown sooner than you can bat an eye, and then you have to totally re-decorate. What are your ideas for baby girl nursery themes?

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