9 Baby Boy Nursery Themes ...


9 Baby Boy Nursery Themes ...
9 Baby Boy Nursery Themes ...

Looking for some unique baby boy nursery themes? Look no further, I have some genius ideas for you to consider right here! If you’re tired of the cliche teddy bears or cars and trucks themes for boys nurseries, this article will give you some fresh perspective and cool ideas for your little man’s room! Keep on reading to discover my favorite baby boy nursery themes that your little one will love as he gets older!

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Want to know one of the cutest baby boy nursery themes? If you've seen Monsters Inc. then you already know where I’m headed with this theme! I can't get over the cuteness! Even if you’ve never seen Monsters Inc., you can still use a monsters theme in your baby’s nursery. It will be adorable!



When I finally have my own little boy, I plan to decorate his room in a sports theme! My favorite sport for a little boy’s room is baseball, but you could use any sport you like. You could even blend them all together, for an overall theme of just simply sports. I saw a very cute idea on Pinterest that involved painting the corners of the room to look like a baseball, football, or soccer ball!



I’m loving this idea for a baby boy nursery theme! Dinosaurs are cute, and this is one theme that your little boy won’t outgrow for a few years. Of course, you can make some tweaks and add a few new items as he gets older, but for the most part, dinosaurs will be age appropriate for at least 4-5 years. Less work and more money saved for mom!


Outer Space

Here’s a super cute baby boy nursery theme. Outer space has always been enthralling for most people, and especially boys! Little boys love adventures, and exploring the unknown. A friend of mine went all out and painted her boy's room in all black, then used stickers to cover the walls and ceilings in little stars and planets and moons. Get creative with this one because there are so many cool things you could do!


Deep Sea Fishin’

For this nursery, you could choose a Finding Nemo theme, or just go with regular fish and deep-sea creatures! Most little boys like sharks, probably because of the danger thrill. You can throw in some other elements that correspond with fishing if you like, or just go with the ocean creatures.



What a perfect nursery theme for little boys, since most of them are fascinated with bugs anyway! I picture a room with ants, dragonflies, spiders, and other little bugs crawling around window frames or dresser corners. You can look on eBay or other websites to see if you can find some unique posters or material to use in this nursery!



Yee-haw! This is one awful cute baby boy nursery theme! I see curtains either made out of or trimmed with blue-jeans material, and accents with bandannas all over the room. You could even use rope to trim a few lamps or picture frames and really get the cowboy vibe going on!



I’m reminded of a nursery rhyme that says “snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of!” It’s true, little boys love animals, and they are usually trying to catch some small creature and put it in their pocket once they get old enough! You can choose any route you like, but a fun way to go with this theme would be to use something like a farm, or a zoo, or even a circus as your starting board!



I love this idea for a little boy’s nursery! You can get really creative and go all out, or keep it simple and down to earth. Either way, you’re bound to have a creative theme on your hands. You can go a bit nautical and use elements of a ship and the ocean mixed in there as well.

These are my favorite picks for baby boy nursery themes, but I know I’m not the only one with ideas! So please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any ideas of your own for baby boy nursery themes! Which room theme on this list is your favorite?

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I heard if my dad only had boys I'll only have boys Is that true?!

I think these theme are too old for a nursery but perfect for a toddler to kid room.

I think a video game theme would be adorable, too. But the safer, more kid-friendly ones, like Mario or Tetris.

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