7 Creative Bed Designs Your Child Will Rest Easy in ...


7 Creative Bed Designs Your Child Will Rest Easy in ...
7 Creative Bed Designs Your Child Will Rest Easy in ...

Sometimes I wish I were a child again simply so that I could enjoy the joys of a child’s bedroom once more, especially the part where I would get to sleep in a super creative and fun bed. And keeping this in mind, I’ve put together 7 creative bed designs that your child will really enjoy having in his or her room and will absolutely love sleeping in.

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Princess Castle

Princess Castle Every little girl is daddy’s princess right? And so why should she not sleep in her own little castle bed? This design is a creative take on a regular castle bed by doing away with ladders and bunks, which also makes it safer for toddlers to sleep in. Perfect for a princess themed room I think.


Nautical Bed

Nautical Bed If your child is a fan of all things nautical, you can’t go wrong with this bed. Imagine sleeping in a bed shaped like a boat and dreaming of sailing around the world, discovering new lands and adventures! So much scope for imaginative play, right?


Tent on a Bed

Tent on a Bed Has your kid ever wanted to just sleep in a camping tent forever? With this super fun bed design, that can be made possible! With a cosy play area on the bottom and a canopied sleeping area on the top, this tiered bed is perfect for a child’s bedroom. Just choose your kid’s favorite color for the fabric. And with those convenient pockets by the side, lots of space for storage too!


Truck Bed

Truck Bed Little boys love their trucks and tractors. And this bed is perfect to make just such a child happy. With a little ladder with which to climb up to, a little roof under which to sleep and storage space behind the design panels, this is a fun and useful addition to any child’s room.


Ceiling Bed

Ceiling Bed All the fun of a tree house without actually being in a tree -how awesome is that right? Suitable for slightly older children, this is a wonderfully fun design (and also space saving) for a kid’s bedroom.


Canopied Bed

Canopied Bed Simpler looking than the other designs here, this is an attractive bed nevertheless. With a gorgeous printed canopy and inbuilt storage, this makes for a very pretty bed for any room. And if your child gets bored of the design, you can always get a new set of drapes printed for the bed!


Steam Engine Bed

Steam Engine Bed Perfect for any little kid who loves trains, this design can be modified to fit a room of any size. You can also personalize it for your little one by custom painting it to any color you want and adding your child’s name to the side. So much fun!

These beds and so many more out there are what childhood should be about – creativity and fun, all packaged into one. So the next time you’re designing (or redoing) your kid’s bedroom, keep in mind these creative bed designs and you’ll have the happiest child around for a long time!

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