Extremely Helpful Ways to Speed Things up for when You Are in Labor ...


Extremely Helpful Ways to Speed Things up  for when You Are in Labor ...
Extremely Helpful Ways to Speed Things up  for when You Are in Labor ...

Inducing labor isn’t something to do on a whim. I provide these tips specifically for women who are 39 weeks pregnant or further along, who may be experiencing lots of false or “practice” labor, or women who may be forced to have a C-section or induction if they haven’t went into spontaneous labor by a certain date per doctors orders and would prefer a natural birth. Please run any of these methods by a doctor before trying them just as a final precaution! If you’re all set, here are some natural tips and ways to induce labor at home!

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Have a Massage and Acupressure Session

By far, my favorite method for inducing labor is to have a nice relaxing massage and acupressure session! It’s good for expectant mothers to relax, and get all those kinks worked out anyway! Choose a licensed, professional therapist, and remember to always speak up if something is painful or if you feel uncomfortable at any time during your session.


Visit a Chiropractor for a Spinal Adjustment

This may sound a little crazy, but chiropractors can work miracles for stalled/slow progressing labor! If you’re experiencing back pain, an adjustment may ease or totally remove that discomfort for you. Among being adjusted, you can also have a chiropractor stretch sore muscles, help flip baby’s position if he or she is not ideal, and ease your own stress and various aches.


Eat Lots of Fresh Pineapple

Fresh pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which can help soften your cervix and prepare it for labor! Pineapple is also thought to irritate your digestive tract a bit, much like spicy foods do. This is another way to bring on labor, so have some fresh pineapple and see what happens!


Drink a Strong Brew of Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf is an herb that helps strengthen your uterus. It can also cause and enhance uterine contractions, so if you’re having mild contractions, drinking a little of this herb may up the ante!


Do Pelvic Rocking Every Day

Pelvic rocking is an excellent way to help move baby into an ideal position for giving birth. It is also helpful in reducing hip and low back pain. Once the baby starts descending deeper into the pelvic region, the more pressure his head can put on the cervix, which allows for dilation and progression of labor!


Take Evening Primrose Oil Supplement

Here is another supplement that is said to cause your cervix to soften. You can start ingesting evening primrose oil at 37 weeks, and start inserting the capsules at 38 weeks! Get your doctor’s approval first.


Have an Orgasm

You may be thinking “what?!” but I assure you that this is legitimate! Orgasms release oxytocin, which is a hormone we need for giving birth! So the more oxytocin, the better your chances of going into labor are! Orgasms also stimulate the uterus, which could be just what you need to really get things going!

I hope these tips for inducing labor in a natural form are helpful to any mamas out there who may be past their due date or fast approaching their due date! I know how tiresome and anxious it can be playing the waiting game. What are some of the effective tips you have tried for bringing on labor? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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These things do not help a lot of women. I feel your baby comes out when it's time. A lot of women on a board I follow would say that these things didn't work. And I can tell you myself I've done most of the things listed on here, and nothing :( I'd say just wait it out unless the dr gives you the option for inducement!(:

The baby usually comes when it is ready

I was a week and a half overdue. Decided to have sex one night and I was in the hospital the next morning! :)

Having an orgasm does not work. I know from experience! Haha

And writer, I do see that you did say only with Dr ok, but I have seen so many moms on pregnancy blogs start doing anything they can find as early as 32 weeks. Just reinforcing the wait til you are 39+ weeks rule, Lol!

My doctor suggested sex, and it worked for me. I was right on schedule.

As a mother of 3 I have to add that it's best to not try and induce labor in any way. The baby is stil "cooking" for a reason, your body and baby are not ready yet. If you hit 39 weeks with no progress/dilation the Dr will be willing to discuss options. Labor to soon can put yourself and baby at risk. Taking walks is ok to speed things up or sex only if no dilation has occurred (it can allow bacteria to possibly cross over and cause internal infection). We become impatient and tired towards the end but it's best to just wait for health reasons.

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