How Can You Tell if You're Actually Pregnant?


As I write this article, I smile in excitement because I have some exciting news to share with you. I have a fourth bundle of joy on the way! With an 11 year old daughter, 9 year old daughter, 4 year old son and an expected baby girl due in July, life cannot get any better for me and my growing family. But let me share with you just how I knew I was expecting and you can know too. These are some signs that you could be expecting a miracle. But do not just take my word, follow up with your physician for a surefire confirmation!

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Missed Period

If you are several weeks late for your time of the month, chances are something is up. Are you normally regular? If you are normally pretty regular and sexually active, you may want to take a pregnancy test. A positive result on the test is a surefire sign you may be pregnant. Since most of these tests are 99% accurate, there is little room for error; so head to a physician to confirm. With my last test I stared at the plus sign with disbelief, excitement and overjoy. I could not believe how blessed we are to welcome a new member into our family!



As your pants feel tighter you may even notice your bras become snug. This can happen either before your period, due to pregnancy or various other reasons. Most of these reasons are due to hormonal changes so tune in to your body cues. I ignored the signs because I was so busy but I should have noticed all my tops began to barely fit.


Breast Tenderness

Ouch! Your breasts hurt to the touch. You notice your chest is swollen and you most certainly are not feeling at your best. You also may find such relief in taking your bra off and getting dressed for bed. This is one major sign of pregnancy that most expectant mamas will feel.



You feel like you are rocking on a boat with nausea. No matter what you do, it seems like you are feeling so out of it lately that you are no longer on the top of your game. You find yourself relieved if on a rare day you do not feel sick. Yep I definitely felt this for weeks, but being on the go working full time and as a mom of three, I ignored these signs.



You pull over the car because you notice you can no longer keep your lunch in and you vomit. Yikes! You feel both relief and also are in disbelief, thinking you must be coming down with something. You just may be coming down with reality because you could be expected. I did not have this with my last two but with my first pregnancy, it was bad!


Feeling Moody

You feel cranky and you are having ridiculous mood swings that is so out of your character. For someone that is normally happy, you find yourself feeling outside of your norm. Your mood swings can be due to hormonal changes because you could be expecting.



Listen to your body and hone in on your intuition. If you have tell-tale signs that you are pregnant and your intuition is confirming this, listen to the signs. When I took the pregnancy test, my intuition told me I was pregnant, and it was right! Women know their bodies so tune in and listen to the surefire signs.

So now you know the signs, listen to your body and always visit your doctor for confirmation. And wishing you a possible congratulations in advance.

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Or just buy a pregnancy test 😂

I once nannied for a family with four children under 10. It was very hard work but very fun!! Congrats. Your children will legally be a gang when the fourth comes!!! :)

Good luck Tara, that sounds quite full on with the new bub coming!

Congrats for the bundle of joy, you will be expecting soon

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