7 Easy Ways to Exercise when You Have a Baby on the Way ...


7 Easy Ways to Exercise when You Have a Baby on the Way ...
7 Easy Ways to Exercise when You Have a Baby on the Way ...

Exercising while you are pregnant can help to reduce the effects of your out of control hormones along with bettering both your mental and physical health. Studies show you can have a speedier and healthier delivery. And you will have loads more energy. Take it from me as a certified trainer for over a decade, also certified in prenatal exercise and who has three children. I exercised throughout each pregnancy and now I am carrying a fourth child and doing the same. I do not just talk the talk but I walk the walk. So check out the easy ways to exercise when you have a baby on the way. And of course make sure you fill your doctor in on your plans!

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To get a great workout while pregnant and also ease your worried mind, go for a walk. With my first child I walked every single day of my pregnancy up until labor. I felt so much better and this was less stress than running, which I did with my next two. For beginners this is the best way to get a workout in, aid digestion and your circulation system.


Floor Exercises

Floor exercises like leg lifts, the plank, and even pushups can help you to stay tight and toned. This is a great way to get resistance exercise in without pushing your endurance to the max. Stay low key and keep that lean muscle strong with floor exercises through your pregnancy!


Exercise Bike

As long as you are up for it and your doctor gives you the green light you can use the exercise bike throughout your pregnancy. This is a great workout to get your heart rate up without excess pounding on your joints. And you will still get a super sweat on!


Prenatal Videos

There are numerous prenatal videos that can guide you to continue to get your fit on throughout your pregnancy! These workouts will help you in a time effective way to get your daily exercise on and better your health!


Prenatal Exercise Classes

Get your fit on with other mommies to be in a prenatal exercise class. Check out the local gyms and look for a class that meets your needs to stay fit, healthy and have a blast with other mommies. This is a great way to exercise with women in the same situation and then you won’t have to worry about over exerting yourself.



Head to a local flat trail and hike for your health. Choose a flat, non- rocky terrain for the safety of you and your growing miracle. And enjoy a several mile route while staying healthy. Since your balance is off while pregnant I do not recommend hilly, rocky terrains so stick with flat terrain and have a blast!



Stretch out your body to prepare for labor and you may even feel your little one inside you respond in the process. Take a deep breath and relax to stretch it out and just feel better. Stretching, similarly to yoga, has a meditative process that will just make you feel less stressed! So stretch for your mental and physical health and of course for your growing miracle inside!

With these healthy and effective ways to work out, it is time to move your body to fitness and health perfection. Exercise for you and your miracle! This will make every day of your pregnancy even more enjoyable!

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This is very useful to future mommies Tara, thanks for sharing

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