7 Fun Ways a Busy Mom Can Exercise ...


7 Fun Ways a Busy Mom Can Exercise ...
7 Fun Ways a Busy Mom Can Exercise ...

In today's fast-paced lifestyle, all mom's are busy. It's almost as if we're on a merry-go-round that will not stop! So, how does a mother who has a calendar packed with activities find time for exercise? Read on to find 7 fun ways we busy moms can exercise!

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While Cleaning House

Sure! Grab about 5 squats as you're scrambling the eggs for breakfast. Touch your toes while you're picking up all the toys in the living room. Do sit-ups while you're folding clothes. The possibilities are everywhere for you to do these exercises while you're working - you just have to be a bit creative!


While You're Playing

Playtime with the kids is your prime opportunity for a great exercise experience. Kids run around, crawl across the floor, climb over everything they can... a good example to a mom. Get down with them as they crawl around. I'm telling you, it can be a killer workout! Why not play tag with your older kids outside for a chance at a good run? Playing freeze tag has other advantages for the mom... you can purposely get tagged for a guilt-free breathing break!


Before the Day Starts

I hate mornings, so this isn't exactly something I would love doing, but if you're a morning person, you might consider grabbing an early morning 30 minute workout before the kids even decide to wake. Beginning your morning with jumping jacks would definitely be a way to "jump start" your day, wouldn't it?


While Grandma is Babysitting

Next time you drop your kids off at grandma's for the day, take advantage and go to the the gym! You just know she would love an extra hour with your precious angels while you work off some much hated baby fat and stress! Just don't forget to mention you'll be gone longer so you don't get in trouble with you get back!


Go Jogging with Baby

Go running with the little one, but don't stop there. Multi-task, multi-task, that's what we busy moms do, right? So, if you are lucky enough to live near or even in town, go on a jog and run your errands at the same time. Jog to go pay the water bill, or the electric bill. Or, you could jog to your baby's doctor's appointment. I'm sure your doc won't mind if you show up in workout clothes!



Girl, this is the time to shake that booty! Dance with your kids! They're going to love it, and your body will appreciate it (though it might not love you at the time.) This way, you (once again) multi-task by spending time with your kids and still get a great workout in as well.


Use That Baby

Little Jr. makes the perfect weight for strengthening your arms and getting rid of the flab. What's better? He'll think you're playing with him! Hold him in the air, bring him down to your face as you say "Ah-boo" and lift him again! Or, play horsey as you place him on your legs and ride him up and down!

See? There are plenty of opportunities out there for even the busiest of moms to get plenty of exercise in and still have fun! One must simply use their imagination. Have you found any other creative ways to accomplish this? Please share!

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