7 Ways to Ease Back into Exercising after Giving Birth ...


So you just gave birth to your precious bundle of joy, but are not sure how to ease back into your fitness routine. Well relax because you have your head in the right spot. Visit your physician to get a check up and get the green light to make a start. As get back into your fitness routine do not forget you just had a baby so you want to ease back in little by little. You can start out with simple exercise like walking, body weight exercises or even bring your baby for a stroller walk. And as you get stronger you can increase the intensity and duration of your exercise. So take it step by step as you whittle your way back into your best shape with these effective ways:

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Get Clearance from Your Doctor

To ease back into your fitness routine after you deliver your beautiful baby, it is important to consult your physician. During the post-baby visit your doctor will ensure you are healed and ready to get back into a regular routine. Once you get the green light you will be ready to go!


Go for a Walk

As you work back into a routine begin with something simple like a walk. You do not have to go out of the gate running when returning to your routine. Take it day by day enjoying the journey of new motherhood and reclaiming your pre-baby physique. And embrace the changes in your body. Maybe your hips are slightly wider but look at the bundle of joy you and your partner created. Totally worth it!


Modify What You Need to

Chances are if you stayed off exercise for the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy you may feel fitness-shy to jump right back in. So modify what you need to and listen to your body. I promise in a few short weeks you will make strides so take it easy, mommy!


Perform Body Weight Exercises

Perform body weight exercises to strengthen, tighten and tone. During your pregnancy your body secreted the hormone relaxin which weakened your muscle tone so you may feel like you are starting from scratch. But in a matter of 4-6 weeks you will see your body transform!


Bring along Baby

To keep your fitness level en-pointe and bond with your baby, bring along your little angel while you work out. You can do so with a fitness class geared towards moms and their babies. Slowly but surely you will regain your fitness level and begin to feel amazing!!


Start Just Two Days a Week

As you gradually begin to exercise again start out with just two days a week. As you begin to feel stronger and less sore, add one day extra per week. In just over a month you should be at 4 days of fitness per week. Keep track of your progress and kick that extra baby weight to the curb! You got this!


Perform One Plank a Day

After you deliver your baby you may feel like you do not have an ounce of abdominal strength. And you are probably fairly accurate. Since your stomach muscles spread during pregnancy you will have to work to regain this strength. Give it time, go gradual and start out with the simple and ultra-effective plank. Hold for just 20 seconds a day and increase 10 seconds every week until you reach one minute.

So take it day by day and enjoy your new baby as you ease back into your fitness routine. And your gift of new baby will go perfectly with the new physique you will earn in no time. Just be patient and enjoy the journey!

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