Things Only New Parents Can Appreciate ...


If you're about to become a brand-new parent, or even if you're already a seasoned parent of a toddler, I'll bet you can relate to some of these sweet comics, all about your baby's first few days, months, and years.

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Now What?

Asha for Education, black and white, line art, font, line, Are they actually letting me just leave with this brand-new, tiny, helpless baby? I have NO IDEA what I'm doing!


Checking That Baby is Still Breathing

USEP, font, line art, line, shape, They're so quiet when they're sleeping, so you creep into the nursery, and watch to see their tiny chests rise and fall.


Feeling Yourself Constantly to See Which Side is Next?

Spelling rule, Amicca, text, font, line art, Ah, I remember this: the constant squeeze to see which side the baby should nurse on next.


Carefully... Carefully...

Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger, line art, cartoon, font, line, It's amazing how even the parent with the heaviest lead foot drives so slowly when their new baby is in the car...


Oh No... Oh No!

Little Caliphs, Melissa, line art, cartoon, font, This is so frightening! The soreness, the stitches... this is going to hurt! And then it's not as bad as you thought it would be.


Falling Asleep in the Shower

Melissa, line art, cartoon, line, font, This is why you shouldn't take baths -- you could totally drown if you doze off in the tub!


Skipping Happy Hour to Go Spend Time with Baby

El Sol Santa Ana Science And Arts Charter Academy, WooCommerce, cartoon, font, line, Drinks are great and all, but you know what's even better? Snugging with baby and huffing his new-baby smell.


Keeping Track of EVERYTHING

Unix, BirdLife International, cartoon, line art, font, This mommy and daddy keep a hand-written list, but of course there are apps for that now.


I'm Doing It WRONG

Asha for Education, font, line art, line, 21., Parenting is no place for self-doubt! You're keeping that sweet baby alive, fed, and clothed -- then you're doing it right. No worries.


Watching Baby Sleep

I could have watched my baby sleep for hours. And sometimes, I did. Well, half hours. But still.


Play Dates

Baby Food, Hoppala Neu Ulm, font, line, line art, It's always so much fun to meet the parents of your toddler's preschool friends. Even if you have nothing else in common, your kids are your bond.


Don't Disturb Baby!

Spelling rule, Kindergarten, line art, font, line, That moment when the baby is finally asleep... and now you're trapped on the couch forever.


Capturing Every Moment

Dietitian, Idea, cartoon, line art, font, You know you're a little out of control when you've filled an entire 16gb memory card and baby's only a few days old.


Baby's First Real Smile

Snoopy, font, line art, line, shape, This time, you know it's not gas or just a reflex, because he giggled when he smiled. Oh my gosh.


This Moment

Baby Food, font, line art, line, illustration, You know your sweet baby might grow into a surly teenager who's actually allergic to you and thinks you're an idiot, right?


Date Night?

Asha for Education, black and white, font, line, line art, You finally get a night to yourselves... and you spend it talking about the baby in great detail.


Maybe It's Time for Another One?

Guaranteed Rate, Electronics, Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger, cartoon, font, You've got this new-baby thing down, so maybe it's time for... another one?

Which ones of these do you remember? Are there any other moments you wish were comics?

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