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7 Tips to Help You Get through the Early Days with a Newborn ...

By Alicia

The early days with a newborn are such a precious time, but they can also be difficult. You are exhausted and recovering yourself. You are also getting used to being a mom or helping your other children adjust to having a sibling. There are things that you can do to make those early days with a newborn easier.

1 Accept Offers of Help

One of the very best tips I can offer you to help you get through the early days with a newborn is to accept the offers of help you receive. Family and friends are usually anxious to help you when you have a baby. My advice to you is to let them. Those offers will not last long. Take advantage of them while you have them.

2 Be Prepared

Another thing that can make it easier to get through those early days with a newborn is to be prepared as much as you can be before you bring the baby home. Have things ready for baby. Do your best to clean if you have notice before the baby is born. I understand you cannot always do this but if you are scheduled for induction or a Cesarean, you can. Take time to make sure your groceries are stocked up and maybe a few meals are in the freezer.

3 Get out of the House

Staying in all of the time can make the baby blues so much worse. If your pediatrician grants you permission, go out and do something, even if it is just a walk through your local mall. If your pediatrician feels that it is best to keep baby in, maybe you can have grandma come babysit long enough for you to go on a dinner date with your husband. Another option, and one I used, was to go for a drive and go through a drive through for a coffee while I was at it. Baby is protected from germs but you still get out of the house.

4 Make Baby Care Your First Priority

When I left the hospital with my daughter, my doctor told me to do nothing but baby care for two entire weeks and that was great advice. I didn’t follow it as well as I should have but concentrating only on baby care was best to do. Let dad or your mom or sister pitch in during that time while you get through the first few days with baby. Even if you don’t have a lot of help, let the dust bunnies lay while you get through that time period. Your baby is the only thing that really matters at this point in time.

5 Sleep when Baby Sleeps

This is a piece of advice that I can say I truly did take. I slept when my babies slept. I figured if I was up half the night then I was entitled to a nap when they napped. I did what I could while they were awake but when my newborn slept, that was my signal to rest, too. You will feel so much better if you follow this tip, I promise you.

6 Let Dad Help

Not all of us have a willing partner waiting to help us but if you do, take advantage of it. Allow him to take over for just a little while during the time you are getting through the first few days with your newborn. He will be proud that he helped you and you won’t feel as stressed or overwhelmed. Dads can really do a lot to help, if we will allow them to. They can help with a lot of baby care, too.

7 Relax

You know, we spend so much of the early newborn days stressing. Is our baby doing okay? How are we doing as a mother? I know that those were questions I worried over when I became a mom with both of my babies. Looking back, I should have just relaxed and enjoyed those sweet precious moments and you should, too.

The early days with a newborn can be difficult but they are also so precious. What tips would you offer to a new mom? I know expectant and new moms would love to hear your advice!

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