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There are some must-haves for your hospital bag when you are having a baby and I am not just talking about the obvious ones. Of course you know that you need clothing for yourself and your new little one. You know there are things you need to be careful not to forget, like phone chargers and the camera. But I want to focus on the must-haves for your hospital bag that are not often thought of but desperately needed and appreciated once you are at the hospital. It is my goal to help you think of little things you will really enjoy and use during your hospital stay.

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Non-slip House Slippers

Consider non-slip house slippers one of the must-haves for your hospital bag. You do not want to have on house slippers that slip easily while you are carrying your precious little one around. Also, it pays to remember that most hospital floors are slick when you have the wrong type of house slippers on. Simply look at the bottom of your house slippers to make sure that they are non-slip ones. The last thing you want to add to your hospital stay is an injury from a fall.


Lip Balm

Lip balm is a must. Think about it. A lot of times when you are in labor or recovering immediately after delivery, fluids are restricted. This can make your lips dry out. Having a good lip balm on hand can help to combat this.


Your Five Minute Face Makeup

You want to look lovely after you have your baby but you know that you are most likely not going to have the time to do your makeup like you normally do. Bringing along what you need to do your five minute face is the solution. If you don’t have a five minute face makeup plan, let me enlighten you. It is usually made up of concealer, powder, a bit of blush, mascara and lipstick. The remaining makeup items such as eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation, lip liner and any other makeup you wear are optional.


Snacks and Favorite Beverages

I don’t know about you but I am usually unlucky when it comes to hospitals carrying my favorite brand of water and snacks. Of course, I may be just a tad picky. I have always found it best to take my preferred water and snacks with me anytime I have to visit a hospital. This is doubly true when you are a patient. It will also save you a lot of money by taking your own.



That being said, it is always good to have a bit of change on hand. You never know when you are going to have a craving for a candy bar or other non-healthy treat. You may decide that you want to purchase a newspaper or other small item, as well. While most machines make change from bills now, it is still a good idea to have coins on hand for those that don’t. If you don’t use it, you can always take it home.


Magazines or Books

Being an avid reader, I never go anywhere without reading material. This was true even when I had my babies. I distinctly remember lying in bed, holding my newborn daughter in one arm and a new mom magazine with the other. My motto is it is always better to have reading material and not have the opportunity to read it than be stuck somewhere with nothing to read. Having nothing to read is a nightmare for me.


Body Lotion

Body lotion feels so good on your skin at any time. This is especially true right after you have had a baby. I am not sure if it is that your body is just so super-sensitive to touch at that time or what the reason is. Whatever the cause, you will be so thankful you brought along your favorite body lotion. It is also a layer of fragrance that isn’t overpowering for your visitors that are sensitive to fragrance.

These seven items are all must-haves that you may not have considered. What not-often-thought-of but very important items did you pack for the hospital that you were so thankful you did? Share your knowledge!

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Once I got my epidural I didn't need much! I say keep as many of those disposable undies for when you go home! You'll be needing them most! But the hospitals are pretty accommodating, at least mine was. Take advantage of every class they offer you when you're still in the maternity ward. That's what they're there for. Write down all kinds of questions you come up with and ask them!

Oh and definitely bring comfortable clothes and most importantly, a support person :)

A book?? If your gonna have a baby your not gonna even wanna be reading a book... Your gonna be thinking of pain

I was happy i took my housecoat

Five minute face is a must.. I was touching up my makeup as they wheeled me out of the c section. Cell phone charger so you can keep that phone juiced up for photos and Facebook updates! Apart from toiletries and the comfy clothes and slippers, everything else you need is pretty much at the hospital for you to use or buy.

@Brandi, I would pack some breast pads to protect your clothes when your milk comes in, a good maternity bra, a dressing gown for if you are pacing the halls in labour or going to the nursery afterwards, some stool softener.. I know it sounds bizarre but you may be nervous to go to the toilet for the first time after having baby and that will make it easier :) And if you're allowed to I would bring a pillow, the hospital pillows aren't very comfortable! I know that's more than 3 but hope that helps Brandi and all the very best!!! X

Hahhahahahahaha no one needs makeup after just having a baby.

My aunt just had a baby this past November and I brought mean girls and a few season of friends and she watched them before she actually went into the delivery room. (She was in labor forever) she said they were a life saver!!! So if the hospital has a tv w a DVD player, which most do in chicago where I live ...DVDs are a good idea too!

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