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7 Most Difficult Things about the First Trimester of Pregnancy and How to Deal ...

By Alicia

There are certainly difficult things about the first trimester of pregnancy but there are also things you can do to help them. When any of these things are bothersome, it is helpful to remind yourself that they are all just temporary. It is also helpful to remember that if pregnancy were truly so terrible, no one would ever repeat it. Let’s talk a bit about some of the difficult things about the first trimester of pregnancy and how to deal.

1 Fatigue

If you are feeling fatigued, relax and know that it is perfectly normal. One of the most difficult things about the first trimester of pregnancy is how tired you are. Your body is working hard, making a new little person. The fix for this is simple: rest more. Aim for an earlier bedtime and add a nap in during the day.

2 Nausea

I still remember how constantly nauseated I was when I was pregnant with my little girl. My stomach was upset about 23.5 hours a day. The remaining half hour was when I would squeeze in the one meal I could hold down. If you are struggling with this, there are a number of remedies you can try. Sea-bands worked wonders for me. Don’t be afraid to give your doctor a call, either.


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3 Waves of Emotions

Do you feel like a walking emotional mess? You probably are. But relax, this is only temporary, too. It comes from all of the changing hormones in your body at this time. This one is one you really just have to wait out but reassuring yourself that it is normal can help.

4 Anxiety

I remember feeling a lot of anxiety when I first found out I was pregnant, especially in my first pregnancy. It helps to relax and remind yourself that your body knows what it is doing. When you feel overwhelmed, reassure yourself that you are going to be fine. It can also help to talk to veteran moms who have been through a pregnancy. They can be a calming voice of reason.

5 Adjusting to Your New Reality

It is very strange to think about a little human being growing inside of you. It also feels strange when you think about the fact that your life will be forever changed. But remind yourself that it is changing for the better. Even if this pregnancy is unexpected, once you have your little one you would never, ever change the fact that it happened. Be confident in the fact that you are going to be a great mother.

6 Peeing Constantly

Peeing constantly is just annoying. There isn’t a lot that you can do about that fact. You need to drink to stay adequately hydrated, especially if you are dealing with nausea and vomiting. But you can make sure you pee before you leave the house to hopefully avoid stopping at a gross gas station. You can also choose seating near restrooms in restaurants, theaters and other public places you go.

7 Crazy Cravings

You know, the crazy cravings you have aren’t so difficult unless you find yourself wanting something that isn’t in season and is difficult to find. Other than that, relax and let yourself indulge what your body wants. Of course you don’t want to enjoy to the point of excess and making yourself sick. If you are craving something that can’t be found, try searching online or a different variety of it. For example, if you are craving fresh raspberries and they aren’t in season, try frozen or even canned.

All of these difficult things will pass. What did some of you do to deal with these difficult parts of the first trimester of pregnancy? Please share!

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