7 Must Haves for a Newborn Baby ...

I just recently welcomed my first daughter this past December, and since its been 4 years since I've had a newborn, it definitely was a whirlwind trying to get the must haves for a newborn baby! With all the new gadgets and new feeding systems, I felt not only overwhelmed but curious to see and learn about the new high-tech items. So, here are my personal must haves for a newborn baby, which have changed quite a bit in the past few years.


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One of my must haves for a newborn baby is a baby swing/rocker! My kids and especially my newborn LOVE this contraption! After a good feeding, and a quick diaper change, she is good to go in her swing. Not only does the gentle rocking motion keep her at peace, but it also lulls her to sleep. Win!

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