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I just recently welcomed my first daughter this past December, and since its been 4 years since I've had a newborn, it definitely was a whirlwind trying to get the must haves for a newborn baby! With all the new gadgets and new feeding systems, I felt not only overwhelmed but curious to see and learn about the new high-tech items. So, here are my personal must haves for a newborn baby, which have changed quite a bit in the past few years.

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BABY SWING/ROCKER One of my must haves for a newborn baby is a baby swing/rocker! My kids and especially my newborn LOVE this contraption! After a good feeding, and a quick diaper change, she is good to go in her swing. Not only does the gentle rocking motion keep her at peace, but it also lulls her to sleep. Win!


The soothing sway of baby swings and rockers mimics the motion they felt in the womb, which often has a calming effect. It's a lifesaver when you need to free up your hands for a moment or two. Plus, many modern swings come with built-in music or nature sounds, further enhancing the relaxation for your little one. Just remember to always keep an eye on your baby and follow the manufacturer's safety recommendations to ensure a secure and happy swinging experience.



PACIFIERS Now, I'm 50/50 with pacis, binkies, nippies, or whatever you may call them. I rarely used them for my 2 boys, and I just recently started using one for my darling daughter. I honestly think it depends on baby, and how you personally feel about pacifiers. None of my babies were attached to their binkies which made it easy to wean, and I honestly only used it for comfort when they wouldn't take their bottles. But, as soon as they were asleep I took it out of their mouths. Nonetheless, I think it's good to just have one on hand, just in case.



DIAPER BAG I just recently discovered a clutch like item which carries a few diapers and a container of wipes. So instead of lugging a diaper bag, you can simply toss this clutch into your purse, complete with ready to go necessary baby items. I'm sure they've probably been around for ages, but I personally have just been introduced to them. And, if I need to go out for a quick errand, I just bring the clutch which I'm able to load with spare clothing, diapers, wipes, and creams. For the just in case. Easy luggage!



CAR SEAT HEAD REST Yes, the absolute obvious you do need a car seat - duh! But I also highly recommend purchasing a car seat head support, especially for newborns. Some car seats come standard with one, but I do recommend getting one that holds baby's noggin in place - enough to let baby to move their head left to right, but snug enough to prevent it from falling forward. There are tons of head supports in a variety of styles and colors to fit any baby's needs.



PLAY PEN A pack and play, or play pen, is an absolute must have! It's a great place to let baby stretch and play, a quick spot to change diapers, and a place for nap time. Don't fret about the size of the pack and play because they now come in travel sizes which are small enough to carry, yet big enough to grow with baby. I have both the travel size and the standard size. It made it easy to bring out as well!



CAR SEAT COVERS I like having a car seat canopy or cover over my baby's car seat. That's just because of harsh weathers, like wind and rain, etc. It not only keeps baby safe from that bright sun, pouring rain, and harsh winter weather, but it also provides privacy for when baby is asleep and you don't want them to be disturbed. There are also fun designs to suit your fashion tastes.



BLANKETS Of course blankets, especially swaddle blankets, are a must have! My kids love being wrapped up in blankets. Whether it's for comfort, or if baby is cold, a blanket can be versatile. You can use it as a blanket to lay baby down when needing a quick change, or use it to keep warm, and even to just love and hold.

These are some of my particular items that I must have for a newborn. Although there are a million more things babies need, these were the ones that have worked for me. Are there any you recommend? Are there items on this list you disagree with? What are some that worked for you?

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I would say the only think missing is Burp cloths! I have permanent spit up stains on my right shoulder on most of my shirts... Badge of honor??

Lovely things!

Any car seat tech will tell you nothing should go underneath the baby in their car seat, like a head rest pillow or car seat cover that the baby sits on too of. They ruin the safety of your seat!

Many of these are not must haves and many must haves are missing.

I had my daughter December 22nd :)

Amen for baby swings

love the picture..

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