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There are things you should think over before you name your baby. It is such a permanent decision, and one that will impact your child forever. It also seems that people grow into their name and that once named, no other name would suit them. Consider these things before you name your baby.

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Does It Feel Right?

Does It Feel Right? This is one that is more of a gut response. Does the name feel right? Can you see yourself calling your child that for years to come? Can you imagine having a child named with that name? This is something you should consider before you name your baby.


The Spelling of It

The Spelling of It How you spell your baby’s name is something you should consider. I chose to spell both of my children’s names with an alternate spelling. I do not regret it because I wanted them to have very unique names, but it has caused them some issues in their lives. It has also been difficult for them to find souvenirs and other gift items with their names spelled correctly. It is definitely something to consider.


Are You in Agreement on It?

Are You in Agreement on It? It is not good to name your baby a name your partner is against. This is something that you need to be in agreement on. Parenting is a partnership and you should both have a voice. No one person should solely get to choose a name. It is something you should both be involved in.


The Uniqueness Factor

The Uniqueness Factor Do you want your child to have a unique name? Or are you okay with them having a common name? Both options are okay but it is a factor to consider. There are good points in favor of both choices. It simply comes down to being an individual decision.


The Significance

The Significance I wanted to know the significance of the names I chose for my children before I named them. I did not want them to have a name with a meaning that I did not like. A lot of people also choose names based on family significance, such as naming their child after someone. My daughter carries my middle name and I am glad I passed that to her. My dad actually chose that part of my name, so that is a little gift my daughter carries from her grandfather.


Is It an Easy Target Name?

Is It an Easy Target Name? Another point to consider is if the name you choose is an easy target for ridicule. Is it something other children can easily make fun of? Is it completely different, so much so that it will draw undue and unwanted attention? No one wants their child made fun of, least of all for their name. It is worth considering how others could make fun of the name.


Do You Love It?

Do You Love It? Lastly, you need to choose a name for your baby that you love. You want to know that you will love the name in the many years to come. I still love the names I chose for my children. There is no other name that I would want to change their names to. And they have grown into their names just as your baby will.

Choosing your baby’s name is a big deal and deserves a lot of careful consideration. What factors did you consider when you chose your baby’s name? We can all learn from each other.

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Funny how the author spells her kids names 'uniquely' ie incorrectly, and then says it's a struggle for them to find souvenirs with their names spelt correctly.

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