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Mommy guilt is something that every mother is familiar with if she has been a mother for more than a few minutes. We are so hard on ourselves as moms. And in general, this isn’t a totally bad thing because it means that we care what kind of job we are doing as moms. But mommy guilt can go too far and become excessive. The following are things that you should not waste time feeling mommy guilt over, although I admit I battle it, too!

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Working is something that many mothers feel mommy guilt over. You know, the fact is that a lot of moms need to work. A lot of moms also choose to work. This is not something that you need to feel guilty about. If your child is well cared for in your absence, you have nothing to worry about.


Not Working

On the flip side of the coin, a lot of moms feel guilty for not working. They feel badly because they may not be able to give their child quite as much as some working moms can. If your child’s needs are met, there is absolutely nothing you need to feel guilty about. I can identify with feeling mommy guilt as a working and non-working mom because I have been both. Mommy guilt can hit you whichever side of the fence you are on.


Taking Time for Yourself

A lot of moms feel mommy guilt when they take time for themselves. You know, they really shouldn’t. I have learned that to be the best mom I can be, I need to take time for myself sometimes. This does not mean that you should dump your kids on a nanny fifteen hours a day to shop and lay on the beach every day but finding a good balance is important. Mommies have needs, too.


Spending Money on Yourself

This is another cause of mommy guilt. You go on a little shopping spree and immediately feel guilty for not spending that money on things for your children. This is usually the case even if your children need absolutely nothing. At least, that has been my personal experience. But I have learned that it is okay to spend money on myself, too.


Enjoying Time Away from Your Children

You know, it is one thing to take time for yourself and another to actually enjoy it. I know there were times that I felt badly for enjoying the time I had alone, especially when my children were smaller. I shouldn’t have and you shouldn’t either. It turns out that a bit of time away from your children refreshes you and them. They are always happy to see you when you get back together, proving that they need a little break, too.



This one is tricky. It is important to practice patience with our children. But if we have asked them twenty three times to please hang up their jacket, we really shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when we get impatient. It think the key is that you aren’t impatient because of your mood. Another good point is to work with your child to reduce behavior issues.


Your Child’s Misbehavior

A lot of us moms feel personally responsible and a huge load of mommy guilt when our children misbehave. But here is a news flash. It is not our fault. It is our responsibility to train our children and teach them proper rules of behavior. But we cannot make them follow them and at times, they will misbehave. When this happens, realize you are doing all you can and don’t give in to the guilt.

A lot of times we feel mommy guilt unnecessarily. What are some things that you feel mommy guilt for? How do you move past that?

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Thanks for this, I feel mommy guilt all the time for my son having others to play with because he's the only child and sometimes his cousins busy

that is 100% true

This is a very good article, so very true that we are sometimes hard on ourselves unnecessarily.

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