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7 Lifesaving Tips for Dressing when Youre Breastfeeding ...

By Eliza

Dressing when you’re breastfeeding isn’t always easy. I can attest to that! So that’s why I’m sharing what I learned over the years so you can navigate the world of breastfeeding anywhere without losing all dignity and pride. Check out these ways of dressing when you’re breastfeeding and you’ll be ready to face any situation.

Table of contents:

  1. Wear hoodies
  2. Don’t wear a dress
  3. Avoid tight clothes
  4. Find stretchy tops
  5. Buy a nursing bra
  6. Easy open shirts
  7. Bring extras

1 Wear Hoodies

If it’s cold, wear a hoodie. It’s easy access! You can unzip it easily, but it covers your nursing tops so it isn’t so obvious what you’re up to when a stranger passes you in public. You can find lots of cute and attractive hoodies that leave you looking trendy and up to date even if you are a mom. Plus, you can use the extra fabric to cover your little one and keep prying eyes from getting an eyeful of the goods. So stock up on zipped hoodies as you plan your attack when it comes to dressing when you’re breastfeeding.

2 Don’t Wear a Dress

What will you do when it’s time to nurse? Lift the entire thing and put your whole postpartum body on display? No, thank you! You don’t have to give up fashionable good looks, but it’s a much better idea to wear a skirt and pair it with a top that makes nursing easier for both of you.

3 Avoid Tight Clothes

Unless you want to waste precious seconds while your screaming, starving infant suffers, it’s not a good idea to don tight clothes. You’ll have finagle and squirm your way out of them when it’s time to breastfeed. Not only will you be exhausted, but your little one will be frustrated and upset. Go for trendy flowing tops and sweaters and you’ll be much better off!

4 Find Stretchy Tops

Breastfeeding is important and a wonderful way to bond with your new baby. But it doesn’t mean you have to ruin for favorite clothes. Find tops made of comfortable and stretchy material so you can maneuver out of them or lift them out of the way when it’s time to nurse, without making a favorite fit for the garbage. Cotton knits are great and you can find fun and trendy options that won’t leave you feeling frumpy and unattractive.

5 Buy a Nursing Bra

No, they aren’t all cute, but some are! Think about it this way – no one is going to see it anyway. So invest in a quality and easy to operate nursing bra that makes it simple to lower the flap and feed on demand. Trust me, there are way more important things when you’re nursing a baby than wearing your leopard print number. Plus, your breasts are probably too big for it right now anyway.

6 Easy Open Shirts

Loose, flowy shirts are ideal for lifting, but if you prefer to be more discreet, shirts that open are your best bet. Look for attractive button-downs, cute shirts that zip or wrap shirts that are easy to open and close. You can still look great without having to expose your postpartum belly every time it’s time to nurse.

7 Bring Extras

You know to bring your baby extra clothes for the inevitable diaper blowout that always happens when you’re out and about. While you’re at it, pack yourself some extra tops and a spare bra for that embarrassing moment when your milk leaks all over the place. Nursing pads are great for this too, but they aren’t always comfortable, so some spare clothes can really save you when milk squirts all over.

How did you dress while breastfeeding? Do these tips help if you’re new to the process? I hope my various instances of humiliation help you!

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