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7 Healthy Tips for Young Mothers to Keep You Slim and Sane ...

By Heather

If you’re a young mom, chances are you wouldn’t mind getting a few healthy tips for young mothers to keep you happy, healthy, and balanced, right? Having a baby brings a host of changes to your life, along with added stress, even if it’s from a good source! Along with gaining weight during pregnancy, crazy food cravings, and getting less sleep, now more than ever the chances are that you’re finding it hard to stay healthy, regardless that you’re happy. I’ve got some simple, slim down steps, and plenty of healthy tips for young mothers if you believe you might need some help. Try them out, and you’ll be happier and healthier in no time!

1 Sneak in a Workout

One of the most important healthy tips for young mothers is to be sure you sneak in a good workout during your day. I know it sounds impossible, but trust me, it is doable. Think about doing it during nap times, after your baby goes to bed at night, or better yet, getting up early to do it before your baby wakes up. This gives you time to yourself each day, keeps off weight gain, and helps reduce your stress. It also helps you sleep better and gives you more energy throughout the entire day. A combination of cardio and strength training is best, and a great way to increase your metabolism to get you back down to your pre-pregnancy weight.

2 Meal Prep

Prep meals for one week ahead. Meal prep might seem like the last thing you have time for, but one day a week, preferably when someone can watch the baby for you for a few hours, take 2-3 hours and make some meals and snacks for the week. This streamlines your whole week, and can also help you reach for healthy meals and snacks when things get a little stressful. As an added bonus, you won’t have to spend hours at the stove each night cooking dinner. If you want some healthy suggestions for how to do this, check out one of my favorite blogs, The Lean Green Bean, which features a Sunday Food Prep special edition each week. Lindsay, the author of the blog, is amazing and has so many helpful tips for meal prep that you’ll find easy and doable.

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3 Smoothies

Now, I love smoothies for many reasons, but as a busy mom, you’re going to especially love them! Smoothies are the perfect quick way to enjoy a healthy meal, and they’re easy to grab and go. Be sure to pack them with water rich produce like leafy greens and low sugar fruits, along with waist-friendly, high protein Greek yogurt, and maybe even add some oats for long-staying power. Smoothies are a wonderful way to reduce the need to fix a meal, and you can easily mix up the ingredients you want to use on your meal prep day, and place them into individual bags for grab and go servings. Then, all you have to do is toss them in and go! Be sure to keep the calorie content down by choosing no sugar added ingredients, and not overdoing fruit or nut butters. Otherwise, you might undo the benefits of using smoothies instead of meals.

4 Ask for Help

If you have anyone to help you with new demands of being a mom, don’t be afraid to ask for it! Family members, your husband, your kids, and even neighbors are happy to help if you need help with anything, even if it’s just watching your kids for an hour while you take time to yourself. My mom always did everything herself, but she never minded asking my grandparents for help when she needed it either. If you’re incredibly stressed lately, just ask for some help. More than likely, everyone will be glad to pitch in!

5 Let Go of Perfection

You don’t have to “let yourself go” as a new mom, but try to let go of a little bit of perfection in terms of your house staying spotless all the time, and looking like you’re ready for a photo shoot 24/7. Remember that your house is going to naturally be a little messier than normal, and that’s okay. Also, it’s never a bad thing to keep yourself looking nice as a young mom, but remember that at the end of the day, you and your child are much more important than your makeup routine. Letting go of perfection needs everyday will help you feel happier, and be healthier for it.

6 Get Rest, However Possible

You also need to be sure to get rest whenever you can. If that means napping while your baby does, so be it. If that means asking your husband to watch the baby while you nap, then go for it. Naps are a great way to add sleep hours to your day if you’re coming up short at night. It’s best to get a full 7-8 hours a night, but if that’s not possible, then add naps whenever you can.

7 Eat Smart

I know I mentioned meal prep once already, but it’s not just about prepping your meals to stay healthy. It's also about choosing the right foods. Remember, your cravings are now gone, so there’s no need to overindulge in sugar, refined carbs, unhealthy fats, or dairy-rich desserts. Also, decrease the red meat in your diet and go for more lean sources like chicken, fish, or plant sources. Be sure to eat enough vegetables, and try snacking on raw veggies instead of chips, cookies, or your kid's snack foods. Eating smart, along with exercise, is a wonderful way to get back in shape in no time.

Staying slim and sane after pregnancy certainly isn’t an easy task I’m sure, but I do know that these tips will make a difference in your stress, along with your weight. Do you have a tip for staying sane and healthy during pregnancy?

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