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I never thought that the day would come that I would write about the lessons I learned about being a mother. Everything was simpler when I was a single, carefree, 20-something living alone in a two-bedroom apartment. The arrival of the twins made me a diaper expert and a Winnie the Pooh fan. In this post, kindly allow me to share to you the things I learned about motherhood:

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Large Doses of Patience

I was not exactly the most patient individual on terra firma before the twins invaded my private life. But with two screaming infants, I learned that having large doses of patience is crucial in keeping my sanity intact. The foremost lesson I learned about motherhood is that patience is more than a virtue! It can actually make you a saint! You can never have enough of it.


Flooding of Unconditional Love

Suddenly there were two complete strangers in the house which Jeff and I had filled with books and DVDs - how weird was that? Really weird! To make things even weirder, the baby boy looks like my husband and the baby girl looks like me! Sleepless nights and a painful operation are all forgotten when I look at them and realize that I was blessed to be a mother to two, wonderful babies, now restless toddlers.


Never Enough Diapers and Milk

Like patience, you can never have enough stock of diapers and milk. Oh, you can add baby wipes (if you use them)! Pandemonium broke loose on the first month the twins came into our lives. All they did was eat and poop and the amount of milk I was producing was never enough for them. Don’t forget the diapers! There was a time that we were using up 24-30 diapers a day!


Medicines, Vaccinations, Doctors

The “Single Me” was never particular about regular check-ups. The “Mother Me” became crazy about vaccinations, regular doctor visits, and completing all required vaccinations. I made sure that a complete medicine box of baby medicines (with approval from the doctor) and first-aid kit were present in our home.


The Value of Home Cooking

I was (and still am) a lazy cook. I would rather order fast food, especially on slow Saturdays. But not now…not with my kids. I have taken a whole new different perspective on home cooking and that is: using all the freshest ingredients for the food that my kids eat. Canned goods and food in boxes are convenient but as much as possible, I avoid feeding them those. For example, we bake chocolate chip cookies instead of buying them from the supermarket. Recently, I've been bringing them to the kitchen when I cook. It’s a nice way to bond too! Just keep the sharp knives out of reach.


Household Management

Taking control of your household is a talent! I don’t think I am anywhere close to doing a good job on that though. I mean that. Being a wife is already a huge responsibility; being a mother demands so much energy and time. Factor in work, school (I’m taking up my Master’s), and reading for pleasure (I can’t give that up!) and you are not wrong in picturing a woman slumped on the couch begging for a massage.


Saving for Education

Right now, I am thinking: college, college, college. Last year, Jeff and I already opened accounts for the kids’ college fund and we are slowly adding to those “piggy banks”. We value education in our family and we’d like to give our children the opportunity to be in the best schools.

What are the lessons you learned about being a mother?

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I love this article!! I love to be a mom...everything is right on. There are other things you learn, compassion, having the best friends forever. Knowing that you are caring for these children in a beautiful way and that there are children that are not so fortunate. It makes you think of different things and of life.

I've learned that silence is not a good sign...if you're toddler is too quiet watch out he's or she is up to something and it's messy lol!

love love this article ❤️ Motherhood is a full time job on top of a real job, school and life in general. Your child comes first, some days are stressful and make you want to rip your hair out but it was the best thing I ever decided to do. My son is only 1 1/2 years old but I couldn't be more happy or blessed to have this little rugrat in my life :) all this points are dead on! take stock in diapers, wipes and milk !

Hm I'm not going to be a mother, but working in childcare I really admire everyone and their families for going through it all. You have to be a hawk-eye on them though, as my parents always tell me that I was always getting into dangerous situations like jumping into the pool or crawling into the water at the beach :/ I'm sure it must be such a rewarding thing, although it is like a full time job essentially :|

I learned that I truly love my son ... I also learned that teenagers make you realize when it's time for the to move out ... I say jokingly because I told my I never want him to leave when he was little now I realize why we have teenage years ... To bring me back to reality... Lol

The article is so good I'm also paranoid mother when it comes to medicine n cooking food for my son in 8 years of my marriage I have not cooked much for my hubby buy for my son I cook all his meals fresh

I learned from my own journey into motherhood that it's not as hard as everyone makes it seem but it suers isn't easy either lol my son is easily my biggest blessing he helped me to mature and realize my full potential as woman and in my roles as both mother and wife


I think all young mothers will enjoy this. Thanks

I can't wait for the day that I can become a mom!!

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