7 Ways to Avoid Gestational Diabetes and Enjoy an Easier Pregnancy ...

By Lauren

Diabetes is a condition where there is too much sugar in the blood. Blood sugar is controlled by the hormone insulin and with all the changes the poor body is going through during pregnancy an imbalance may result. Women who have never had any diabetic symptoms may suddenly develop them simply due to their pregnancy. Gestational diabetes usually occurs in the third trimester but disappears before the baby is born. The main reason to avoid gestational diabetes is because women who develop it, are more at risk of type II diabetes later in life. Here are ways to avoid gestational diabetes:

1 Stay Active

The golden rule to avoid gestational diabetes is to stay active before and during pregnancy. Getting regular physical activity will go a long way in keeping your blood sugar level in check. Several researchers have found that you will reduce your risk of gestational diabetes by 70% if you stay physically active before and during your pregnancy. It is fine to engage in a strenuous workout routine before getting pregnant, but you should at least be swimming and walking regularly while you're pregnant.

2 Reduce Fat Intake

It is important to limit your fat intake to avoid facing issues during mid to late pregnancy; the time when you're more likely to develop gestational diabetes that leads to impaired glucose tolerance. It is important to eliminate trans-fats and limit saturated fat as much as possible.

3 Eat More Fiber

You need to up your fiber intake to lower your risk of gestational diabetes. Add more high fiber fruit and vegetable to your diet along with cereals and whole-grain breads.

4 Limit Simple Carbohydrate

You need to ensure that your diet does not include simple carbohydrates because this will increase your blood sugar level and increase the risk of gestational diabetes. It is therefore important to say no to white grains, refined sugar, and white potatoes to keep your blood sugar level in check.

5 Keep an Eye on Your Blood Sugar

Even if you have a balanced diet and are active, it is still a good idea to have your blood sugar tested early and regularly. Ask your doctor to test and tell you if your blood sugar level is on target. A good idea is to have your blood sugar level tested at least three months before you actually get pregnant. This provides a good benchmark for when you're on a hormonal, emotional and physical ride for nine long months.

6 Keep Weight Gain in Check

You're going to gain weight during pregnancy. It is important though to take steps and work with your medical practitioners to ensure you don't gain a lot of weight that could lead to gestational diabetes. Your midwife will work with you and check your BMI using your weight and height measurements to determine how much weight is safe to gain during pregnancy

7 Work out a Pregnancy Plan

One of the ways to avoid gestational diabetes is to make a pregnancy plan by talking with your doctor before you actually get pregnant. Your doctor will help you understand what you should or should not be eating before, during, and after your pregnancy. This will also help you prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Top of all, you can figure if you're in a normal weight range before getting pregnant.

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