7 Essential Skills to Master for Moms Who Want an Amazing Career ...

By Corina

7 Essential Skills to Master for Moms Who Want an Amazing Career ...

Being a working mom is not easy; you actually need a lot of life skills to keep the “working mom” machine running. A lot of moms are concerned about reentering the workforce because they are afraid that they will not be able to face all the challenges that they will encounter in their path. Yet, a lot of employers say that working moms are amongst the most qualified of all workers since they possess a large set of versatile skills. Here are 7 important life skills for working moms that they rely on day in and day out so they can reach all their goals:

1 The Ability to Deal with Guilt

Every working mom experiences this emotion sooner or later because they are extremely busy and sometimes they can’t pay enough attention to their kids’ needs. Yet, even though guilt is a pretty powerful emotion, most working moms are able to identify it, discuss it and then, they simply move forward. They don’t let this negative emotion dictate their lives.

2 The Ability to Schedule Everybody

Working moms are extremely busy, but somehow they manage to find time for everything. Their ability to handle everyday life is impressive and they always manage to schedule everybody. They are very organized and they work hard so they can take care of all their tasks while being able to spend time with their family too.

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3 The Ability to Find “Me Time”

As I’ve said before, working moms are extremely busy but somehow, they still manage to find some “me time” every now and then. They need to spend some time alone sometimes so they can recharge their batteries, to be able to take care of all their tasks and not neglect their loved ones.

4 The Ability to Delegate

Working moms know the importance of teamwork so they always try to delegate tasks and even chores. They ask their partners to help them do the cleaning, they even assign little chores to some of their kids and they are thankful for all the help they get from their family. They work as a team and they manage to get all the things done more quickly.

5 The Ability to Say No

Everyone needs to learn how to say no sometimes, but a working mom knows that this is one of the most important life skills that will help them stay organized. Even though they express some guilt for not being able to do everything they would like to do, they are still able to say no when needed.

6 The Ability to Cope with the Difficult Times

All working moms have the ability to cope with the difficult times; they have to go to work, take care of their kids and sometimes their parents too, they have to take care of the house and they also try to be good at what they do.

7 The Ability to Keep a Sense of Humor

If you are a working mom, then you need to learn how to keep a good sense of humor since this will help you overcome all the challenges or obstacles that you may encounter in your path. Being a working mom is not easy, so you need to joke about it sometimes to find the strength to keep going.

Working moms have great organizational skills, they know how to manage their time efficiently, they have good communication skills and they know how to compromise. Do you know any other important life skills for working moms? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Know when it's time to make a change. Your job may not fit every phase of your child's life. My daughter is starting school this fall and I left a demanding high paying job for something that will allow me to be there for her more after school. They need you more as they get older. Cheers to all the working moms!!

So true. As a single mom my struggle is saying no. I'm working on it. Lol



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