7 Tips to Juggle Motherhood and Your Career when You Don't Know How ...


7 Tips to Juggle  Motherhood  and Your Career when You Don't Know How ...
7 Tips to Juggle  Motherhood  and Your Career when You Don't Know How ...

Knowing how to be a successful working mother means recognizing that you will have an insane amount of responsibility on your plate, with one job never giving you so much as a day off or a lunch hour; as a Mom, you are on call 24/7. But can you successfully juggle being a corporate professional and give everything you need to your family? Consensus is that you will be exhausted, so here are some tips for how to be a successful working mother.

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Get Enough Sleep

No-one can function without decent sleep and getting enough sleep is one of the essential ways to be a successful working mother. When you are on a hectic schedule, the worst thing you can do is crank up the chardonnay the night before and fall face first into bed complete with makeup and not having a clue what homework is due. The next day will be hell and you will struggle to make up the sleep you lost. Staying up working till the wee small hours is no good either. The only people who will pay for your growling mood the next day is your family – cut them some slack and get to bed early. It’s good for your marriage too!


Attitude is Everything

If you walk through the door, tired and grumpy after a hellish commute in never-ending traffic and launch into a roar when you dump your bags on the living room floor, it is going to have a ripple effect on everyone else in your family. Being a working mother means your time with your family is limited and precious. Make a conscious effort to hang up your frustrations and irritations on an imaginary hook outside, so that when you step in that door, the joy and happiness will be infectious.


Prioritize Ruthlessly

Those in the know of how to be a successful working mom understand the power of priority. Successful working moms are really superheroes and while it may feel like you are trying to move Asia a little bit to the left each day without a sweeping red cape, making lists will help you get there. You are never going to remember everything so keep a notebook and write stuff to remember at the back for work and stuff to remember for the family at the front. Make a concerted effort to tick the important things off and keep your eye on the ball when you can’t.


Don’t Procrastinate

When crashing into the couch with a large glass of merlot at the end of the day is the only thing on your mind when you crawl home through the traffic – make sure you have finished everything you need to do before. Don’t put off those little things until the morning; don’t leave the dishes in the sink, sew on that button, sign the school homework, pack the school lunches and iron that shirt – you will love yourself in the morning and you’ll impress everyone that you know how to be a successful working mom.


Ask for Help

Superheroes need to learn how to do this one – it is key to your survival and despite popular belief, is a sign that we are on top of our game, are focused enough to have a look at our game plan and realize that all cannot be done in a day without a sidekick. The next of my tips for being a successful working mom is to remember it is not the dark ages; the kids are quite capable of picking up after themselves, doing a few dishes and making a few sandwiches. Time to pull rank.


Set Boundaries

Women have a hard time doing this and when it comes to our kids, we have an even harder time. Set non-negotiable rules about where your work ends and where your family begins. If you feel like you are desperately trying to keep your boss and your family happy all the time, you will be a total mess in no time. Your boss needs to respect your family time and your family needs to know that working brings in money and there needs to be support.


Use Your Lunch Hour

Don’t take any more time away from your family that you have to, so use your lunch hour as a power hour for me time. Hit the beauty parlor, have your hair cut, go for a massage, see your friend for coffee or have a quiet moment to buy shoes. When everybody feels that they can make demands on your time, you can feel very overwhelmed very quickly. Take the lunch hour for you. Special you time, no matter how short, is one of the crucial ways to be a successful working mother.

Are you a family and career girl? Do you combine them so that everyone is happy? What tips for being a successful working mother would you like to share?

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As a single working mom, this is THE BEST list/article on the issue I've ever seen with sound helpful ideas. Awesome and thank you!

If you are married, enlist your husband!

As a single mom this article is very helpful. I still struggle with asking for help and using my lunch break. Thank you!

I grew up in a family of working mothers. Their tip? You're not in this alone. It takes a village, but you're in charge of who is in the village.

And I'm proud of my working mum.

I think I will definitely be taking my lunch hour from now on, I'd never thought of it that way. Me time? Wow what a luxury! Lol

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