7 Ways Being a Mom Changes You Mind, Body & Soul ...

There are ways that being a mom changes you that you will never fully realize until you are in the middle of raising your children. You find that while you are still you, you are yourself in an entirely new way. Things that once mattered no longer do. Your whole world is wrapped up in this one very small person. The ways that being a mom changes you are not something you will ever regret.

1. Your Body is Different

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Let’s just get this out there. One of the ways that being a mom changes you is that your body is completely different than it used to be. Even if you lose all of your pregnancy pounds, parts of your body have spread. Parts of your body may be covered in stretch marks. But you will most likely not care nearly as much as you would have thought you would once you have your darling little baby in your arms.

2. You Are No Longer Responsible for Just You

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There is a bit of a shock factor when you realize that you are no longer responsible for just yourself. There is this tiny human being that is completely dependent upon you for their every need. Responsibility takes on a whole new meaning. But it is a responsibility that you will cherish and be glad to meet. In fact, you will enjoy having it.

3. You Never Knew Worry Till You Became a Mom

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You just thought you knew what worry was before you became a mother. There is no worry in this world that compares to the worry that a mother can have over her child. It is heart wrenching and completely terrifying how much you can actually worry. However, I have yet to meet a true mother that resented the worry that she sometimes carried when it came to her child. It is a worry that cannot compare with any other.

4. You Are More Unselfish than You Believed

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Before you were a mom, there was just you. And you more than likely enjoyed it. I know I did before I became a mother. I enjoyed being able to think of just myself and only worry about the things I wanted to do and enjoy. But once I became a mother, my whole focus shifted to my children and what they wanted to do and enjoy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. Your Definition of Fun Has Changed

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No longer does a night out on the town sound enticing, at least not very often. You will find yourself being content at home with your child. While you probably do still enjoy an evening out, you have discovered the fun of the staying in watching Disney movies or doing chores while your children do homework. Children’s sporting events have become a highlight of your week that you look forward to. Basically, any time that you can be with your child is fun for you.

6. Your Priorities Are Different

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In your pre-child days, your priorities were most assuredly different. You probably had your career up near the top of the list, along with time with girlfriends and a long list of other things. And while those things are still important, nothing tops the list except for your child. Life has completely reordered itself in your world. And the truth is, you couldn’t be happier about it.

7. You Never Knew How Much You Could Love Someone

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You just thought you knew what love was. After all, you loved your parents and siblings, as well as your husband. But the kind of love that a mother has is a completely different type of love. It runs deeper and stronger than any you have ever experienced. It makes every sacrifice that you have made in becoming a mother more than worth it.

Becoming a mom brings on too many changes to possibly list but these were some of the most important. What changes did you notice when you became a mother that were life altering? I am waiting to hear!

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