Every Mother Should Put These Things on Her to-do List ...


Being a mother is hard and there’s just no way to be perfect at it. But of course you want to do the best you can! These’re some goals to work toward. Putting them on your to-do list, even mentally, will help make them happen more frequently.

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Serve Nutritious Meals

An occasional happy meal is okay and even a part of normal childhood. Don’t feel guilty over that! But do make it a goal to serve nutritious meals as often as possible. When you’re feeding your children healthy meals then there’s no need to stress over the occasional treat. It’s all about balance.


Read to Your Child Daily

Reading to your child gives you both so many benefits. It’s a special time for the two of you to share. You’ll probably find you both look forward to this time each day, whether it’s after lunch or before bedtime. Your child’s vocabulary will grow faster through this as well as giving them a lifelong love of books. Readers typically do very well in school.


Slow down

This’s difficult when you’re just trying to survive the day! I’ve been there! But do try to slow down and enjoy the moment with your children. It may just be looking at your child’s rock collection but it’s special to them. You don’t realize it at the time but those little moments are making memories for you both.


Say I Love You Often

Raising your child in a culture of expressing verbal and physical affection is healthy. When you do this, they feel very secure in your love for them. Additionally, they’ll feel freer to express love for you and others in their life. A home where love is freely given is a happy home. It’s a home where family members are close to one another.


Value Education

If you show that you value education then your child will be more likely to do the same. You can do this by having a love of learning and encouraging the same in your child. You can explain how important an education is and the benefits of it. Even telling them that they may have a higher income if they go to college can be helpful. Your encouragement and support can shape their life decisions.


Take Care of Yourself

Moms have needs too. It’s so easy to neglect yourself because the laundry is piled up or your toddler is clingy. But you’ll be a better mom if you take care of yourself. This’ll make you a happier, more balanced mom. You’re also teaching your child to value themselves when you do this.


Set a Good Example

I have a secret to tell you that you may not have learned yet. Parenting is more caught than taught, meaning that your children are more likely to pick up on what you do than what you say. This’s true in so many different areas of life. Your children will learn from your manners, your morals, your values, your behavior and your habits. This’s a good motivation for us as parents to make the right choices in our own lives.

These’re 7 things for mothers (and fathers) to put on their to-do lists. Do any of these inspire you? What’re your goals as a mother?

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This is Ariticle is on point, I love it. children pick up and adapt habits.

I do all of these everysingleday. I'm a great mom. You can too.

Be the best you can be the little angel is watching you.

Great article

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